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Their god can't even cause the winds to subside a little in Ventura California. 100's of homes burned to the ground, but one survives and it's a miracle.



The catholic cult has a group in Rome that actually investigates the validity of reported incidents that are claimed to be miracles. The Pope then Has the authority to declare the reported incident a miracle.Its incredible that anyone would believe this nonsense .

HarrySlick Level 6 Dec 22, 2017

god can do no wrong, it can kill little kids while allowing perverts to thrive and achieve political office. it's all good

turf Level 4 Dec 7, 2017

he definitely moves in mysterious ways but then again so does Donald Trump.


To credit God with one's own foresight and planning is insane.

irascible Level 8 Dec 7, 2017

well an all-seeing God must have started the fire so the house was saved by something else or God liked them more.


Makes no sense. Anyone that says their deaths are part of god's plan or because their faith wasn't strong enough, should be punched in the face, which must also be part of "god's plan".

punched in the face, which must also be part of "god's plan". PRICELESS


Their gods are not going to protect them-false belief

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