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Sometimes you have to wonder about humans.

Why for example, do a lot of them, go on the web and social media with the obvious intention to promote religious, social and political ideas. Then begin by being obnoxious, confrontational and insulting, or resorting to shallow weak deceptions ? Surely they must know, that if you want to sell and promote things, you do it best with a little charm and good humor. Just as just about anyone would, if they were selling trade goods in a shop or on the street.

While, not only is that a bad sales practice, but surely you would think, anyone would realize, that if they present their ideas with an objectionable face, then that will not improve the image or desirability of the ideal they wish to promote ? That people are bound to ask themselves. “ Of what use to me or the world, is an ideology which is promoted by such people, or that may even turn them into such monsters ? ”

Fernapple 9 Dec 30

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I believe political satire shows (the daily show, real time, etc.) have normalized responding to opposing ideas with snark and sarcasm. Unfortunately, most fans of those shows do so without the wit and grace of the comedians who host them.

Very true.


So i should exert myself to charm assholes into changing their minds???
which Isn't going to happen, not them changing their mind or me using feminine wiles on them.........

Only if you want them to change their minds, if you don't want them to change, be as charming or not as you like. My point was about as said, only people who obviously want people to change, and there seem to be a lot of people banging their heads against the wall and asking. Why does nobody buy my ideas, no mater how hard I shout, about how stupid and immoral they are ?


"Ridicule is man's most potent weapon. There is no defense. It is almost impossible to counterattack ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, who then react to your advantage."
-Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals.


People who have little to no control in their lives will jump at any opportunity to control others.

Betty Level 8 Dec 30, 2022

same reasons non-believers do.

Oh, every shade of opinion has some who do it yes. My remarks were quite as generalized as I could make them, without being long winded, so I hoped that, " religion, social and political " would be taken to include non-believers.

@Fernapple so, it's just a technique or style observation on persuasion? content is irrelevant I suppose.

@hankster Yes.


The first tenet of advertising is get yourself noticed. You are more likely to remember the message of someone obnoxious than someone who spreads feel good stories. the feel good message soon fades in the memory once we have processed it especially if it is not relevant to us at the time.
Get the GRRRRR factor going and you remember the person who pissed you off and so the message finds it's mark:- the subconscious. Think of the messenger and the message is there, you remember and relate to the message again.

Kurtn Level 7 Dec 30, 2022

Yes that is true, but you are unlikely to accept a message which is presented in nasty form, rather to get noticed you have to presents the lack of your message in nasty form, and your side as a pleasant alternative.

If I wish to sell a car, I first tell you a story about how bad the other make of car is, and how their after sales service let someone down very unjustly, bad enough to make you mad. I then tell you how good our after sales are, and what kind thoughtful methods we use. Not the other way round.

@Fernapple in my experience any social change needs advocates with many different methods and personalities. The hell raisers make everyone aware of the issue then the debaters provide reasons. Lastly ordinary people eventually get on board and provide conformity and goodwill


I have given up trying to be polite, charming or agreeable with the unutterable assholes who try to ram their vile misogynistic misandrist arrogant bigoted self-seeking baleful misguided rude harmful two-faced psychopathic and war-mongering opinions down other people's throats.

Having a bad day?

@Mickey decade or decadeS, most likely........

@Mickey No. As @AnneWimsey suggests, bad decades. I can choose my friends, but there is nothing I can do about the mental defectives and emotional defectives that try their damnedest to ruin other people's lives.

I hear ya


The simple answer is that social media presents an easy outlet for many people to vent their general discontent with their life.

True. But should it not be easy you would think, to make a difference between venting and promoting, yet so many people seem not to be able to do that.

@Fernapple Yes, If the intention was merely to promote a viewpoint, it would be much better to present your case in an engaging manner.

Yes Astra, I agree---- plus using a pseudonym allows people's alter ego to seep out especially if they're the angry type.

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