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I want to have a custom T-Shirt made.
"It's all about the connections!"

Becoming conceptually connected by nature of the heart, mind, or body is just the beginning. We can become connected by purpose as well.
Severing connections is the more conservative approach, shut down the borders like spoiled children and it will cut off supply chains for business in addition to the people they turn back at the border.
That's why conservatives went from a hyper aggressive cult population of American Christians to almost full fascism because that's how it always works.
Cutting connections sounds great until you consider what happens if you sever the connection between mind and body, the spinal cord.
That's what conservative thinking did to Russia and China and in the last century to Germany and Italy.
Conservatives sever connections.
I don't care what you are, just for humanities sake don't be conservative.

Willow_Wisp 8 Dec 31

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It seems to me that Conservatism is about the individual and how to survive as just the one person you are. If you have to pay for everything yourself with only the money you make, then the first time you come to the hospital you are bankrupt. I heard it explained that conservatives are for large families as all the people working could pay the expenses for their siblings as they age and need care. This makes no sense as the population would quickly outnumber the number of jobs available and the economy as a whole would fail. Just like we are doing now.
Insurance works as a network of people paying into an account so that when a care event happens there is money there for the bill to get paid. Of course, insurance companies are a high problem as they have to make money to stay in business and not paying for some events is how they stay more profitable.
The government is all of us and if the network is stretched to include everyone then everyone would be able to have their bills, medical paid, the network would be large enough to pay for all, and the rates would be much smaller than they are for medical insurance now. This works in other facets of life also. I do not see how the conservative movement is sustainable as it does not seem to work for most of the people in the US, they just do not see it.

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