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Is it just me or do you also find sadistic evil projected in the “loving” name of the Christian god?

Today I attended one of the most horrible funeral services I can remember.

In a sterile funeral parlor free from structural ornamentation with 180 chairs filled with young and old the small shiny black plastic casket held the remains of what was a kind and caring 20 year old ex-student and, after he graduated, friend. He was one of my favorite students and he often told me - after he graduated - how I was his favorite teacher as I always showed everybody how to be a good person.

For 20 minutes the grieving young mother sat in front of her son's open casket. She was sobbing in a packed room that was otherwise dead silent, her friend and co-worker approached, knelt down and hugged the mother and asked if she will be ok. The answer was, “No. Never again. Ever.”

After another five minutes of silent tears by the masses and the mother’s continued sobbing the first of two speakers took the microphone.

He spoke of how he didn’t want to be there. How he wanted to run away. Then the story of how he lost his young daughter 11 years ago and how he still feels the pain and loss. Then he sang a song about how great god is at making everything in the world good.

He was followed by the preacher of a small church in town.

His sermon was taken from Samuel 12. . . . How god punished David by killing David’s son.

Seriously! This is quoted from his sermon - -

“It was King David’s fault his young child died because his son was a product of an affair and this angered god. . . . God will always kill your child if the child was born out of wedlock because god is angry at you.”

Fucking Face Palm!

This is as bad as Randy Buckmaster’s funeral where the preacher spent over a half hour staring down from the pulpit at Randy’s widow who was pregnant with his twins and telling her that Randy died because she sinned and this was god’s way of punishing her - - how “she must now work even harder“ - - implied give him more money - - “because it was her fault Randy died as god was angry at her.” Randy died of a stroke after getting out of his car from attending that church.

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I remind them of my demand for respect of God's Will after every natural disaster that hits red states and areas. I have no idea of the actual reactions to my judgments but I like to think that they feel an uneasy anger. I also like to think their anger shifts from me to god. Maybe, if that happens, those Theocratic tribes will dissipate and lose this stranglehold over us all. Of course, it will be too late environmentally but a good laugh will be had by all!


I am sorry for your loss. (Sorry for not coming up with anything better than that over-used, worn-out and trite saying.)

You will find psychopaths in every walk of life, and they delight in causing other people pain and suffering.


Very sorry for your loss. Religion offers a big show of pretend caring, and pretend morals. Those who can not do the real thing, or can not be bothered with the real thing, are the ones who most want to control the fake puppet show.


Yes, I have a hard time meshing the feelings of human grief and celebrating a life with being implored to praise God for his infinite wisdom. Never jived with me, which is why I got into performing humanistic funerals - guaranteed no mention of God. Grieving a loved one and the worship of a spiritual source just doesn't go together in my mind.

Best comment award.


Sorry for your loss. That is sick. I'll always be pissed at the prick "minister" who told my sister her son was in hell for having taken his own life.
Having taught, it is a weird and sad feeling losing a student, especially one with whom you have connected.


Very ugly. Mean and inconsiderate, or malicious. Sick. More evidence that believing in religion has nothing whatever to do with personal behavior; Christian morality comfortably overlaps Nazi morality.


not just BS but overtly nasty BS

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