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GOP House sets agenda for first few weeks, and yes, it's ridiculous

"That forced birth agenda includes codifying the long-standing Hyde Amendment that prevents federal funding for abortion and “funding for any insurance plan that includes abortion on demand.” That’s private health insurance coverage they’re talking about. They’ll also vote on a cruel “born-alive” bill that would require medical personnel provide care to infants born with conditions that will keep them from surviving outside the womb for any amount of time, torturing the babies in their only minutes on Earth with futile medical interventions and preventing parents from having the experience of being with their newborn for whatever time they’ll live. It’s just sick."

"They do have some energy-related bills, mostly attempting to tie President Joe Biden’s hands if we’re faced with another oil shortage with a bill that “prohibits non-emergency drawdowns of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve without a plan to increase energy production on federal lands."

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nogod4me 8 Jan 4

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The GOP is now nothing more than a pack of lying a$$holes.

Haven't they always been?

@Betty Unsure. I was not a GOP-watcher until a few years ago. I also am aware of @rainmanjr's reply below.

@anglophone Back before the 1980's it was a lot easier to hide the corruption. Politics has been corrupt and government abuse has been going on for a long long time. Kennedy was against the Vietnam war and Lyndon B. Johnson was for it because it profited big business.

So, in my opinion the corruption goes even further back.

@Betty Thanks for sharing your insight.

@Betty It's not just about corruption. Reagan changed the platform to be one of prosperity, not of freedom from govt overreach.

@rainmanjr He also deregulated some of the safeguards that were put in place to prevent another depression. By doing so he set the precedent that allowed the housing bubble that eventually collapsed and caused the depression of 2008.

@Betty Paulson, Jr's Treasurer and ex-CEO of Goldman Sachs (which wanted to get rid of Leman Brrothers), had a bit to do with engineering that as well.

@rainmanjr And they all benefited financially and politically at the citizens' expense.

@Betty Precisely. It was a huge theft and abuse of power but Obama, nor his AG, even talked about prosecuting anyone for it. Nor did they prosecute anyone for lies which took us to war (killing over 150,000 very innocent humans). I think that was a massive failing. Then he didn't tell us about the Russian connections to 45 for fear of affecting the vote! SMH

@rainmanjr That is politics for you. They are not "public servants".

@Betty They are servants of their public, and their desire, but few since Francis Of Assisi are only a servant. I don't hold them to higher levels of human ethics than others but the tide of human change is an incremental thing. It's harder for politicians because of their bubbles and that's why the smart ones do polling. Very detailed polling.

@rainmanjr They only "serve" the public when it benefits them. That is what politics has turned into. A fight for power, control, and wealth.

@Betty That's what it has always been. The political trick is to not act on anything until it has become a thing which MUST be addressed...and then do only what's necessary because unwanted outcomes will bite them from opposition. Everything's a potential weapon and I get that.


Let's see if they can elect a Speaker, with out destroying the GOP first..

I'm okay with them destroying the gop. It stopped being Lincoln's Party in 1980 and everything changed.

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