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The man who started the legendary guitar brand Fender, Leo Fender, sold his beloved company to CBS on Jan.4, 1965.

For those of you into guitars and amps, you will often hear the term 'pre CBS' when it comes to dating Fender items.

Leo sold the company for $13,000,000.00 (thirteen million dollars). To some people, that doesn't sound like much for such an iconic brand. Well in todays money, the 13 mil is worth $114,708.698.41. Over 100 million.

So to you Fender fans we will ask one question. Strat or Tele? Or for bass players, P or Jazz?

Ryo1 8 Jan 4

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For me, a Gibson SG Standard and a Marshall amp. 🙂


there are many great guitars, yet to me the Tele stands apart.

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