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A "winning at all costs" attitude, including being sent to prison: [] . What a pathetic excuse for a human being!

anglophone 9 Jan 4

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Why can’t he just say that he was greedy?

Because that would require him to be honest.

I can honestly say that I cannot expect him to ever be honest. (Yes, a dreadful joke, I know, and Swampy McSwampy is also a dreadful joke, but he is a dreadful joke in very much worse taste.)

@anglophone Yeah, good point.

Good that he was exposed and there were consequences for his actions.


A late friend who wrote for a 120 syndicated newspapers in the US once told me that it is an inveterate practice in which universities grant admission and award grades to the idiot sons of the wealthy if their parents make a substantial donation to university. He also told me that some of the idiots graduated from famous medical schools.

"As long as I get your money, I do not care how many people you go on to main or kill because of your medical incompetence." Sheesh!

@anglophone "The surgeon said the operation was a success but the patient died."


That is why I do not idolize celebrities. People are just people. Some cheat and some don't, does not matter what financial status they have, where they come from, or how they live.

Betty Level 8 Jan 4, 2023
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