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Hoist with their own petard
The legal ruling that business's do not have serve gay people if it against their personal beliefs, was turned back of Xtards with a vengence


Metzger Bar and Butchery in Virginia canceled a reservation for a private event from the Family Foundation, a conservative Christian organization over the group's opposition to abortion rights and same-sex marriage.
Positions that made the staff of the Restaurant feel “uncomfortable or unsafe,”

LenHazell53 9 Jan 6

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This all goes back to "I refuse the right to reserve service for anyone." Oops! Did I say that right?


For people to be able to discriminate they must be forced to admit those they will and will not serve. That way it will help the saner of us to discriminate against the discriminators.


I would prefer tolerance all round. But sometimes balanced intolerance is better than unbalanced intolerance. And you never know. It is just possible, though highly unlikely, that someone may learn something from this.

It is my experience, which has since become my prejudice, that such people always double down on their intolerance of others. More generally, I aim to tolerate everybody except those who are intolerant of others, and I am highly intolerant of such people.

@anglophone Very well put there!! Where I live there’s a wide variety of Latino, Oriental, Spanish, Italian, Muslim, mixed races as well as various religious and other beliefs around me in an area of thousands of people in a small area. I would just love to put all these clowns where, as you said who double down on their own prejudices, we know who they are, in this area where I am…….I would just love to see their reactions.

As you stated, “highly unlikely”……👀


On the one hand one might permit a wry smile.

On the other hand if intolerance is wrong then intolerance is wrong.

Let's execute some murderers and invade other countries killing their armed forces.

How many people would each of you kill given Carte Blanche (the sexy french executioner with the penchant for prurient priapsism).


How nice it is to see the fuckin’ morons getting what they should.

Such people pay the price for refusing to accept the consequences of their own willful stupidity.


I expect the Christian fucktards will be screaming "Blue murder!" at being given a dose of their own medicine.


Sometimes things come back to bite you with a vengeance, how sad.

Pathetic is a better way to put it.

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