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A blast from the past, but, unfortunately, still relevant two years later.

It seems that a Slavicist I drew on a little in my own work is right wing. I had no idea. These are the times when the idea of a right wing intellectual, or an intellectual right wing, seems more than usually oxymoronic. What with all the nazi morons running around. But it's out there; check out New Criterion if you don't believe me.
Speaking of nazi morons, 45 instigated the events at the Capitol, and of course the online trumpites are already singing his praises for having made a video love note to the rioters in which he asks them to start behaving themselves. The fanatical devotion 45 inspires in his cult is directly proportional to the loathsomeness of the man. This is not, of course, anything new. But I'll confess something: despite ample historical precedent, which I've known about since I was eleven years old, the mass embrace of obvious and blatant evil still baffles me.

AlanCliffe 6 Jan 6

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Every time I hear the phrase "a blast from the past" I think someone is talking about dinosaur farts.


People who support Biden and the crazy democraps are the ones who are morons! I’ve never voted for Trump in a Republican primary but he’s definitely better than that idiot we have in there now!


The “oxymoron” you refer to maybe seems odd or rare from a Western perspective, but is totally understandable from the perspective of many Slavic and Baltic peoples given fairly recent historical experiences, especially the more than 40 years of Soviet occupation/domination following their “liberation” by the Red Army, which was often brutal and bloody. This experience continues to reinforce an often militant social and political conservatism that would have existed anyway, but probably would have been relegated to the fringes had it not been for that history. And, for better or for worse, we have long memories.

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