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Kevin was "elected" on the 15th vote when Rep Crane voted Present. We had one in The Senate, a while ago, and he didn't work out so swell. Maybe The House will have better success? LMFAO

Kevin is a weenie

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rainmanjr 8 Jan 7

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Chaos dead ahead. The lunatic fringe made KM their bitch before letting him win the vote, now they will jerk the leash whenever they want something, and at other times maybe just to have a little fun.

You were expecting otherwise? The alt wasn't going to be productive so I'm hoping the internal conflicts and power grabs will keep them from doing much investigation. Just a bunch of noise which is swiped aside by news of POTUS, VP, and Cabinet doing location shoots of jobs in action.

@rainmanjr I was hoping the fringe would be so obnoxious that a few honest Rs would cross the aisle in disgust and hand the gavel to Jeffries as a message to the loons. I can dream, right?

@alliwant Absolutely. In fact, it's mandatory for a healthy mind. I also began to think that might happen but they found another way. It would likely have been poison to any Con that did it so I understand. They're kind of stuck in that crevice and can't cut off the arm. That's good for our side so rejoice.

@rainmanjr Now we will see if they can even come to order. Rumor is that moderates are balking at the rules package, saying that McCarthy gave away too much, so the whole deal could still collapse. Grab your popcorn, this may not be over.


The graft over the next two years will be extraordinary!

Graft is always extraordinary. One tends to hear about some of it when they are the minority Party and getting kicked around. These Democrats seem rather responsible to me, though, so I'm hoping there isn't much to expose.

@rainmanjr Calling it "lobbying" instead of graft is how we put lipstick on that pig.

@alliwant Yeah. seems to me that most people like lipstick. I don't but folks say I'm goofy.


The first time he crosses one of his MAGA masters they will be doing this all over again.

Yeah but Matt will be Chairman of Military Procurments Committee.

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