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' Bless that Missouri attorney general. The disclosures from the Missouri v. Biden case are confirming what we all knew was going on, but couldn’t prove. The latest tidbit to be flipped out of the chum bucket is a pivotal March 21st, 2021 email from a Facebook staffer to Andy Slavitt, the White House Covid Coordinator.

And here is the damning email that proves Missouri’s entire case:

Here’s the crucial bit that I highlighted :

"[W]e have been focused on reducing the virality of content discouraging vaccines that does not contain actionable misinformation. This is often-true content, which we allow at the post level because experts have advised us that it is important for people to be able to discuss both their personal experiences and concerns about the vaccine, but it can be framed as sensation, alarmist, or shocking. We’ll remove these Groups, Pages, and Accounts when they are disproportionately promoting this sensationalized content. More on this front as we proceed to implement."
Often true! This email is a key bit of evidence proving several key facts, if not the entire case against the federal government. You could even call it a “smoking gun.” Why?

First, the email proves that Facebook’s motive was not really to stop “misinformation” from hurting people, but rather it was always intended to help promote the government’s hyper-aggressive vaccine program.

In his email, the staffer expressly admitted that Facebook was not just censoring “misinformation” to keep people safe, but was also censoring TRUE factual information that Facebook couldn’t find any way to label as mis-information. Like when somebody posted, “Seven hours after taking the second jab, my aunt died of a massive stroke.” That’s a fact.

That fact about the poster’s aunt falls into the “often true” category. It’s not misinformation. But it’s “shocking” and more importantly, it might cause some “vaccine hesitancy,” which is what the title of that paragraph called the whole project. They were “tackling vaccine hesitancy.”
Tackling vaccine hesitancy is not part of Facebook’s social media mission. That was the government’s depopulation mission. Sorry, sorry, I meant, “public health mission.”

Next, the staffer specifically proved at least one of the technical mechanisms of censorship, and helpfully admitted that people’s free speech rights were harmed — even putting a number on it. That admission proves DAMAGES. He said:

"Additional limitations we placed in April 2020 on forwarding of messages that have been forwarded many times reduced these kinds of messages by over 70%."
It’s worded a little obtusely, but what he’s saying is that they put the digital
brakes on any message that got forwarded a lot and was critical of the vaccines. And it worked! In coordination with the White House, Facebook frustrated most (“over 70%&rdquo😉 of the forwarders. I remember all this very well. During this timeframe, when Facebook was C&C’s primary platform, commenters often complained that (a) they didn’t get the daily posts in their feed, and 🍺 they were blocked from forwarding or re-posting the daily roundups.

Next, the email proves COORDINATION between the government and the private actor, Facebook. In the email’s second-to-last sentence, the Facebook staffer called the previous list “these commitments.” If, as corporate media apologists suggest, Facebook was just detailing some of its totally private preferences, why call them “commitments?” Commitment to whom? Why commitments?
A commitment is something you make to someone that you are working with as part of an agreement, contract, or collusion.
Next, the very last sentence, promising “More on this front as we proceed to implement,” proves the White House was coordinating censorship with Facebook. In other words, if Facebook were just letting the White House know what its own preferences were, as a completely private actor, there would be no need to keep the government posted on the how the implementation was proceeding.

Finally, look at this delicious sentence that also proves coordination, the sentence with which the whole email begins:

Thanks for taking the time to connect on Friday. Per our discussion, I wanted to follow up with next steps:
“Next STEPS!” Steps are what you take when you are walking out a PLAN. A plan to move toward a goal. A plan is an agreement between two or more parties to take some particular action. This email alone proves the White House was involved in massive civil rights violations.

Facebook’s stealth censorship ultimately escalated to 3-day and 7-day virtual jail terms, which prompted C&C’s packing up and moving to, where we got summarily canceled, and finally restarted on Substack. And so here we are.

Andy Slavitt was probably smart enough to know not to put any of his own preferences and directives in writing. But the Facebook staff aren’t familiar with public records laws and how to evade them like politicians. So the Facebook team sometimes forgot, and wrote what they really meant, instead of using plausibly-deniable political doublespeak.
This is why politicians disdain tech people and scientific experts, who consider themselves to be smarter than politicians. Politicians see these kinds of emails and think the tech/science experts are blockheaded morons who are slow-walking to their own destruction.

It’s hard to argue with that.

There’s a word for this kind of government control of big private companies. I can’t remember the exact word, it starts with an ‘f’, and Mussolini really loved it. Fash-something.'

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