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The popularity of the smart drug Modafinil in the USA is rising to billions. It is a widely prescribed healthcare product. However, many experience hair loss when administering this medicine.
To know if it causes hair loss or its just a myth visit here

adamcooper 1 Jan 16

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Provigil. I have a friend who has a heart condition where she has to take beta blockers which cause her sleepiness and narcolepsy. She takes it and she has plenty of hair. One question I have for you @adamcooper : Why the hell are you posting this on an atheist website? Spam some other site with your Irrelevant posts. GFY random stranger.

I take a beta blocker, plus a pcsk9 inhibitor and a statin for my heart. There are no serious side effects for me at low doses. All of them are reported to cause hair loss. This has happened to me, but not to a very dramatic extent. I still have a decent amount of hair, Still, it's nowhere near what it was. My dermatologist confirmed that this was the cause. Drug-induced alopecia is real.

This is a health and happiness area of the website. That is a subject that is just as interesting to many atheists and agnostics as current news or women in bathing suits.

@Lorajay Don't you think he should fill out his bio before posting a link to a med vendor? His first and only post? I'm tired of randoms, soliciting and posting these for-profit sites. []

@barjoe I guess I would give them more than one post before I jumped on them.

@Lorajay Yeah, I guess I was tough on him. There's so many fraudsters and I think he's one of them.

@barjoe whats wrong in sharing information? Don't you think you are being a little rude?

@adamcooper The info is fine, the solicitation, not so much.


There is no such thing as a miracle drug. There is a downside to everything. And, not every answer is in a pill. My mother worked the graveyard shift her entire life, she adjusted to the sleep schedule and never took anything to get to sleep.


There are many drugs I would not take at all. It looks like maybe I should take this " dafidil" but anything with me and sleep is experimental. My late stepdad said for years that i was losing my hair. So what? I still got hair.


Wanna be smart? Have I got a drug for you!!!!!!!!!!!! (Psssssssst If you're interested in a bridge.............)
Thought there was only 340 odd million in the USA, not "billions".

puff Level 7 Jan 16, 2023

Oh a wise guy, eh?

@puff was talking about USD not the population count.

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