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Americans loves their villain in history . Being unvaccinated makes me the worst kind of villain and the greatest threat to human existence. Before covid I drew up to 18 million paid attendees a year as an artist & was rich, not today. I'm worst than the rightwing nutjob , although it doesn't coincide with being mini anarchist. Didn’t know I'm so much more popular than ever before. I'm worst than all terrorists of all kinds, didn’t have to harm anyone I"m anti science, even though i worked with many top sciencist in museums and other projects.. An anti vaxxer although have not been anti anything in my entire adult life and taken more vaccines than most, except covid . Worst than a women and children killer yet not touched a real gun. Worst than a missles warmonger, when I protested nuclear weapons and all wars. Worst then serial killers as I been told a couple of times at food venues, still not hurt anyone physically. Worst than a racist, even though I married an American native with a child and traveled 102 countries. Worst than a child molester , even though I get banned and they don't. If I was all these things, then its best to take a 100 covid lethal injections ,and say goodbye cruel world.

Castlepaloma 8 Jan 17

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Well, a comedian as public health expert. That's either incredibly desperate, ignorant or stupid.

When someone like Fauci calls himself Science. Is worst than me who has won more world championship in sculpture than anyone, than calling myself Art. Once you claim your an expert in the total all areas of your field, then you become rotten and corrupted, to the core. Is Bill Gate a healthy legit doctor or scientist or vaccine expert, a big No. He has been second greatest influence of vaccines and its sponsorship. That is incredibly greedy and unhealthy. About 250 million people in India protested him about foods and medicine.
, they all can't be all wrong. It like me being the being the producer and sponsor of a sculpture world championship. And sculpture participant, the judge and then declaring myself winner in all areas. Meanwhile stacking the monopoly deck of cards. Absolute power, alway corrupts. At least brand is more diverse in his individual skills than they are. And he is able to connect the dots in a more natural way.


When someone like Fauci calls himself Science.

Somehow I doubt Fauci called himself science and your lack of a reference simply reinforces my doubt. It's more likely that he said he used science or misspoke and I'm good with that because I'm more prone to using credible evidence to make decisions instead of the musings of a comedian. Somehow that makes more sense to me, POV's vary.

Bill Gates has had nothing to do with the development and efficacy of the vaccines at all. He's a person who put money into the endeavors and affected distribution. This might be a surprise to you but the distribution of something has nothing to do with how well it works. If technology is not sent somewhere, that doesn't mean it doesn't work just fine where it is used.

Nothing in your comment explains why Brand has any expertise on the subject. You appear to believe that talking about other people validates the words of another and that's simply ridiculous on it's face.


If you listen to Fauci many videos, in what he said to the build up to I represent science. Anyone would realize nobody can represent all of science. Anymore than I can totally represent Art. Bill Gates stated that vaccines is the most profitable investment he has even made, greater than Microsoft.


If you listen to Fauci many videos, in what he said to the build up to I represent science.

So that means that he never said he was science and you're just paraphrasing his words to say that he represented it or you would have used an actual quote. IOW, making a pathetic attempt to not admit you were wrong.

Ah, so as I said, Gates INVESTED in the science and had nothing to do with it's efficacy so again we're at a point where you make points that have nothing to do with the subject because there is nothing to actually support your claims.


People need to understand that these maniacs are paid by views, likes, clicks, and that is why they make the videos. They get money for this and I just told you how. Sometimes it turns out to be big money. I watch programs appearing weekly on You Tube and this is how the people in the programs get paid. The making of money is apparently more important than any truth telling.

Yes, billionaire and trillioaires have gone a muck.

Maniacs, such as Russel Brand, just have the intellectual capacity to
understand, analyze, and convey information that many people are interested in
but have found that the mainstream media is unable to provide it.
The Brainwashed masses prefer to have the usual pablum delivered
straight into their cerebellums so no effort is required of them.


Yes, Brand is amazing thorough and he just fires it out there, Have no idea, how he can do that. There is a few people out there who can and they will run and win the marathon of truth

Russell struggled to find viewers through the pandemic, too. The best way to find them is by getting bombastic so that's where he's gone. I think he's much better than almost any of those things he compares himself to so he's extrapolating.


I'll take hard honest investigating reporters. Who are entertaining, because truth is funnier than fiction, any day . Rather than the vast majority broken parrots, who are second rated actors, only following their deeply programed script in their short soundbite onesided agenda. Most often the same script repented on every other mainstream vaccines sponsored network. Alway in discussions about vaccines the narative puts down all healthy knowns alternative medicine and foods. They put up their own fix all, fit all and be all , most profitable snake oil. Well designed like most corporationism toxic product to metalized us like we are programed antennas.

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