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Finding or crating meaning in life, part II

To he human species, that which matters includes those things which impact us as individuals and as a species, as well as the ecosystems and environment which sustains us. Our decisions and actions have effects on individual humans, the species, and on that which sustains us. As well, our communications affect other humans and that which sustains us emotionally. Simply put, those things have impact and meaning for us and our environment. Therefore, they have meaning, positive or negative, for us.

If, then, one is to create positive meaning in one’s life, he or she does it by treating fellow humans, ecosystems, and our environment with dignity and respect seeking to maintain or enhance these beings and systems. For example, any person who takes action to decrease climate change adds meaning to his life, as does the person who acts to bring about the global switch to renewable energy. Other actions which add meaning to one’s life invlude such things as:
• Tsking political action to increase the quality of life for all people.
• Providing people with the knowledge and skills which enables them to life a more productive and satisfying life.
• Providing good medical care.
• Creating inventions which help people in so many ways.
• Creating and implementing programs of action which enable people to find or creating meaning in heir lives and those of others.
The issue adding to quality of life must also address close interpersonal relationships. Any behavior in such relationships which helps the other(s) to maintain mental or emotional health, to feel loved or cared for, to feel a part of something that really matters add meaning and quality of life to both or all.

Those of us in helping professions are fortunate. We get to see the growth or healing of others and how that growth benefits them. We may even get to hear those people we affected express gratitude and affection. I recently responded to a group site on fakebook for people who grew up in a town in which I taught over 55 years When I did over 100 of my former students expressed gratitude and affection. I made a difference! That made me feel so warm inside.

wordywalt 9 Jan 18

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Perhaps the greatest crime of theism, is that it teaches people to despise this world, and think of it as only a ante-room where they prepare for a mythical far better one, and end time thinking where no investment in the future is required.

Yet, as even a Christian once pointed out, there is a deep illogic in that. Supposing that you can worship and honour a creator, by despising his creation.

Anyone who believes that there is a place better than this earth on which he is situated has committed a crime against humanity. If he or she is convinced that there is a better place than here then they should make their way there without a moment's hesitation.

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