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Right wing evangelicals and other right wing conservative religious sects want to outright destroy our Secular country with it free society and various cultures!!!

By forced baptisms in jails, prisons, schools, colleges and universities!!!


of-the-mountain 9 Jan 20

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Let's just rape these lands from the original indigenous inhabitants calling them such as Mexicans, indian and native American and lead them down a trail of tears genocide. They once could enjoy a home where the buffalo roam. Free from mortgage, free from rent, free from taxation, free from minimum wage capitalism slavery, but you want a secular country.

Word Level 8 Jan 21, 2023

Those indigenous people were just as ruthless to each other as the white settlers were to the indigenous. It's called might makes right. How do you think Mexicans in general feel towards Salvadorans? Cultures been feuding since time began recording those events and before.

@Mickey the European invadors were savages. It is interesting documentary by a governmental terrorist of the European invadors named Benjamin Franklin that gives us a glimpse of the civility, community and freedom that most of those of my partial ancestry once enjoyed rather than being enslaved with capitalism slavery encampments called incorporated city. Heres just a small portion of what governmental terrorist Benjamin Franklin wrote about.

...for all their Government is by Counsel of the Sages; there is no Force there are no Prisons, no Officers to compel Obedience, or inflict Punishment.—Hence they generally study Oratory; the best Speaker having the most Influence. The Indian Women till the Ground, dress the Food, nurse and bring up the Children, & preserve & hand down to Posterity the Memory of public Transactions. These Employments of Men and Women are accounted natural & honorable, Having few artificial Wants, they have abundance of Leisure for Improvement by Conversation. Our laborious Manner of Life compar’d with theirs, they esteem slavish & base; and the Learning on which we value ourselves, they regard as frivolous & useless.



Christian nationalists pose an existential threat to our democracy.

So do leftist socialist democrats.

@Mickey Even the duly elected ones who respect our laws and put service to their constituents and country above their own interests?

@Flyingsaucesir there are Dems at the local levels of government, city and county, but at the federal level most are in bed with with the corporations just the like the Repubs. I only see a few MTG , Boebert, Jordan and Gaetz maybe a few others that are going against the globalist agenda. I also like Desantis and his bucking the system. The control the Transnationals, big Tech, big Pharma, Big AG and the WEF UN WHO have is practically unchallenged.

@Mickey The five people you named are the lowest form of swamp scum.

@Flyingsaucesir why?

@Mickey Well, they're election deniers, for starters. They tout baseless conspiracy theories. They are not interested in policy or legislation or improving American lives; they just seek attention and power for it's own sake (following the Done Cheato's lead).

@Flyingsaucesir you mean they're election deniers like the left were for all of Trump's years in office? Based on conspiracy theories of Russian collusion? You mean those kinds of conspiracies? What legislation are they promoting then based on their words not CNN.

@Mickey The Mueller report concluded that Trump obstructed justice on at least ten occasions, and also could not rule out collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. We know for sure that campaign manager Paul Manafort passed internal polling data to the Russians, and that Roger Stone was convicted of witness tampering and perjury. Imagine what we would know if these men had, instead of lying under oath, cooperated with the investigation.

The main conspiracy theory that Boebert, Taylor-Green, Gaetz, and other Trump minions traffic in is, of course, Trump's Big Lie that the 2020 election was stolen. In spite of a total lack of supporting evidence, they repeat this lie. Trump's legal team brought 61 lawsuits alleging voter fraud and lost every one! His own Cyber Security Czar said the election was the cleanest in history. His own Attorney General (the same one who sat on and totally misrepresented the Mueller Report to the American people) called Trump's claims of election fraud "bullshit." Trump's personal lawyer lost his law license for abuse of the legal system. Fox News faces a billion-dollar defamation judgement against them for knowingly repeating the lie that Dominion voting machines created votes for Joe Biden. They could go after Gaetz and the others too, but sue a beggar and get a louse. Italian satellites did not switch any votes. Jewish space lasers did not destroy Trump votes. The ghost of Hugo Chavez did not intervene on behalf of Biden.

What all the lies of Trump and his acolytes adds up to is a concerted effort to make Americans lose faith in one of the pillars of our democracy, the electoral process. Gaetz, Boebert, and Taylor-Green, along with Scott Perry, Mo Brooks, Andy Biggs, and other losers in and out of government, would trade American democracy for authoritarianism as long as they gain fame and power. Like I said, they're scum.

@Flyingsaucesir rubbish. Mueller couldn't remember anything when he was questioned. I saw that hearing. All conspiracy theory on the part of the leftist Marxist. Trump was the best POTUSA in the last 50 years. Before that Kennedy and. Eisenhower and FDR

@Mickey Best nose picker maybe...

@Mickey The Mueller Report is available for you to read, if you dare.

You know what makes the January 6 Committee's Report so compelling? So damning? Most of the witnesses were Republicans!

Your response is so typical of people in the thrall of a personality cult: you simply repeat the "best ever" mantra without ever addressing the evidence. You are proof that zombies do exist.

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