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Blame it on the moon, no? []

LetzGetReal 8 Apr 30

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When I lived on my Kentucky farm in the US, I used to camp in a screen tent out by the horse pasture every night year around so I could keep an eye on meteor showers and keep track of night birds and animals. During full moon, it was sometimes hard to sleep because of the bright light.

I even slept outdoors in a hammock when I moved to Thailand in 2010 until I moved to this last apartment in Songkhla, where my hammock stand wouldn't fit on my balcony.

The trouble with sleeping in a hammock is that you can't stay awake for more than 15 seconds, so it was mostly sky watching time wasted.


I never took note of the moon except when I was in Viet Nam. While in Nam I watched the moon every night. There is very little ambient light in Nam so the moon is the only light at night. When the moon was full it was amazing how well I could see at night. But when there was no moon it was darker than Hell and we had to be very vigilant at night. Soon as I came home I stopped watching the moon.

@LetzGetReal I see you have a romantic side to your personality.

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