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Please listen to the Atheist hymn. Arseholes

FvckY0u 8 Jan 23

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OK...thanks for the lyrics....they're funny!


My personal favorite.

Thank goD, spelt backward.

Clapping & dancing!


LOL didn't know there was so many negative songs putting atheism down. It's why I don't belong to any Centroism group, possibly the optimist club.

Steve Martin

Thanks! This one's always been a favorite....I love Steve's expressions!


The Atheist Anthem


i prefer "Hallelujah" if you actually read the words they are very sarcastic....go toYoutube and add the word 'lyrics' to your search, be Very surprised!

Very interesting. I hadn't ever listened to the song and the words before.


I won't be buying the album.


So that's how the devout see skeptics? Dissonant, out of step, lacking in style or grace? Arrogant bastards, these "believers" should show the godless some respect. Only atheists know what it takes to get through this life with no invisible means of support. 😂

No rhythm nor in tune.


Am I going deaf? I can't understand the lyrics....

Are they available online?
If not would anyone , with better hearing than me ,care to transcribe them?

I can't either, if you view it on youtube the lyrics are on the screen.

We pray to you, o nothing
To the cold and heartless void
And though you cannot answer
We never get annoyed
We worship Richard Dawkins and
The lovely Brian Cox
Who sport their heathen head-gear
And put on godless frocks

From "The God Delusion"
We divine our moral code
And from Mr Hitchens
A sacramental for the road
We reject your sky-god for
A sinful life, it's true
We just want to blaspheme and
Have rampant bumming too

Every sunday morning
Science opens all our eyes
We watch Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" and
We bake fresh apple pies
Darwin's theory is the
Sacred law by which we live
We denounce the profane
Creation hypothesis

Just one final thought we
Want to get in to your skull
This shit never happens 'cause
It's not a faith at all
Atheism is the absence
Of belief in gods
It's not a religion
Your argument's a fraud ...

... A-rseholes

@OldMetalHead Thanks, OMH! Makes a HUGE difference, dunnit?

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