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The status of the Doomsday Clock

Organist1 8 Jan 24

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AT the above Doomsday Clock 2023 post, please see the THERE IS NO DOOMSDAY CLOCK comment.


Where I live, after a nuclear exchange I will be in the "On the Beach" scenario, waiting for the cloud of death to blacken the sky, killing growth and slowly killing me by fallout radiation. Australia may well be the same along with much of the world south of the equator.

Organist1: Which would you rather? Dead in an instance where you are or a protracted drawn out affair where I am. I chose to live far, far from the madding crowd but this could be a disadvantage. I went on 3 Aldermaston marches '61,2,3 and thiswas my favourite song.

The H-Bomb's Thunder
A Song by John Brunner©John Brunner 1958
Tune: Miners Lifeguard


Don't you hear the H-bomb's thunder
Echo like the crack of doom?
While they rend the skies asunder
Fall-out makes the earth a tomb
Do you want your homes to tumble
Rise in smoke towards the sky?
Will you let your cities crumble
Will you see your children die?

Men and women, stand together
Do not heed the men of war
Make your minds up now or never
Ban the bomb for evermore

Tell the leaders of the nations
Make the whole wide world take heed
Poison from the radiations
Strikes at every race and creed
Must you put mankind in danger
Murder folk in distant lands?
Will you bring death to a stranger
Have his blood upon your hands?

Shall we lay the world in ruin?
Only you can make the choice
Stop and think of what you're doing
Join the march and raise your voice
Time is short; we must be speedy
We can see the hungry filled
House the homeless, help the needy
Shall we blast, or shall we build ?


Just long enough to have another puff on my peace pipe.

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