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These things should be self evident, even to the religious people, they really should be.

SnowyOwl 8 Jan 25

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I don't hate god. How can you hate a fictional character? What I hate is the the fact the concept of god even exists.


That’s all correct except that we don’t like eating babies. They are delicious!🤣

SalC Level 6 Jan 26, 2023

I do like a nice rack of lamb.


If your not with our religious denominations, your worshipping Satan. Won't be lonely anyway, with a 100 billion people in a hot night club.


I think the only one that needs explaining is why you do not hate god. Perhaps it is you treat those three letters purely as a concept which has given a temporary degree of comfort to some deluded people


I can't hate something false and non-existent but I do hate all religions.


The reality is who cares!!!


Some of us still like the odd baby, especially with a nice glass of red wine.

Merlot or something else?

Some A-1 Steak Sauce and a hot charcoal fire ... VOILA' 😉

I love my baby back ribs. Must confess.


I don't think a Christian has told me that I hate god, but only that I am mad at him; however, I worship Satan by default and just don't realize it (according to them).

It is amazing how well they know me better than I know myself--even strangers.

They also think that being a atheist was a whim of the moment decision, not that I spent years coming to the decision (or admitting it to myself) that there is no god. They somehow think that what they say will have some profound effect on me, i.e. that I'm not getting any younger if I want to see my dead sister again someday, I need to make it right with god.

There does seem to be a lot of that conviction that we will all return to magical thinking, because the faithful cannot imagine life without magical thinking. I think a lot of it stems from what you mentioned last, the desire to see dead friends and family again. It's a powerful inducement to believe, but I can't buy it. Even general anesthesia can completely wipe out our consciousness, so I have little doubt it's no match for death.

@alliwant what annoys me--besides the assumption that they think that they will make an impression on me--is the ever present threat. The lady who said I wasn't getting younger made a threat even if she did not intend to do so: "IF you want to see your sister, YOU BETTER start believing." She was absolutely sincere.


I have a dog-shaped hole in my heart.




If you're on here long enough you'll find that many many many people here hate God

lerlo Level 8 Jan 25, 2023

I've been on here a long time, and have only encountered a few people who hate god.

You can't hate something that theist have failed to prove is real. Do you hate god?

@lerlo, I haven't found even one. I haven't asked and no one has told me.

I've seen several haters of religion but their hatred is directed at the people that create it not their imaginary deity.

@yvilletom well way back on some post I asked and some admitted it. And when I get a moment I'll go through my couple hundred posts and try and find it for you. But many people decided to be an atheist because God screwed them not because there isn't one

@Theresa_N not my experience. In fact way back I even asked how many people just hate God versus don't believe in it and I got more responses that I expected that said they hate God

@xenoview well the people here that hate God do it because God screwed them not because God doesn't exist. And no I don't hate a God that doesn't exist

@lerlo You answered “…because God screwed them not because there isn’t [a god]”

@lerlo Rather than await your evidence, I will conclude that you are projecting. I see projecting as a serious enough offense to warrant blocking you.
In a few days, bye for three months.

I remember that survey. How do you know that people weren't trolling you? "You just hate god" is a frequent enough claim by the still deluded that quite a few of us are annoyed by it. I don't hate god, I hate scammers. And, the biggest, longest running scam is selling a product which won't pay off until after you're dead.

@OldMetalHead Mississippi Boulevard if I asked the question and they admit they hate God why shouldn't I believe them?

@yvilletom I welcome your block thank you thank you thank you


  1. Your motives for asking are suspect.
  2. You used their replies to attack many, many, many people here

The deeply religious people that I know are some of the most passive-aggressive manipulative people on the planet.
Including members of my own family.

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