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Any bets on whether the Republican-led House will even debate the issue?

Flyingsaucesir 8 Jan 26

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It's predominantly in Democrat ran cities though. It works in our favor to sit back and just let y'all thin your own herd. It's kind heart worming really.

You are so wrong! it's the red states that have the highest rates of gun violence.


only when gun sales need a boost.

So true! 🙄


Very apt description of the Republican Party!

@Flyingsaucesir The thing it is the Democratic lead Senate that is conducting hearings on the concert ticket crisis.

@MyTVC15 Well, they (the Democratically-led Senate and House of the 117th Congress) did just pass the first meaningful gun legislation in a generation. And there is other business to attend to. And it is fairly certain that no gun reform bill passed by the Senate today would pass the mad MAGA-led House. Just sayin.'

@Flyingsaucesir True. But I have to say I can think of at least a dozen things that I think should take priority over the big ticket scandal.

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