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To ignore Black history is to ignore American history.

Flyingsaucesir 8 Jan 26

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I'd be on board with it if they taught the truth. That the KKK was a part of the Democrat party, the democrats created the welfare system to break up the black family structure, and that the democrats abortion clinics specifically in black communities to thin them out.
If they taught the truth, I think most folks would be on board with it.

Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. Dixiecrats hated Lincoln, hated Reconstruction, hated the Civil Rights movement, hated Kennedy, hated LBJ....The two Parties switched names, kept their ideologies. Goldwater was a Republican. The John Birch Society membership was Republican. White supremacists of today are affiliated with the Republican Party.


The Christian crazies already lie to their kids about Santa, The Easter Bunny, and Jesus. History is just one more nail in the coffin of their own kids ability to think for themselves.🙁

Too true!

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