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Dudeist Priest Op-Ed: This is just, like, my opinion, man.

Look, kids, Brother Neil thinks 45 was/is a criminal from the beginning of his presidency (I believe he's in bed with Putin and together, they are threatening the families of Cons who do not LOYALLY support them or outright blackmailing them) but I refrained from comment about his border policies. I'm in agreement with this plan, which happens to mimic 45's (with good but slight deviation). If they passed through another country first, which is likely, they should apply while in that country. A bit of warning that you plan to drop in is always an advisable strategy for everyone. It's thoughtful (so kind).

Let's also be clear that our nation is not responsible for the health and welfare of those who are not our citizens. Does war not demonstrate that? While we have a profound necessity to be kind we must also do what's best for our nation and a flood of migration, with another flood from climate migrations in progress, is likely not beneficial for happy and funded cities. That's kind of important so I'm going with POTUS Joe.

Further, to reject any such idea simply because it came from 45's time (or even simply a gop idea) is the very same outrage Dems claim against Con rhetoric. Gen Z seems to see through such outrage and rejects it so I advise Dems not engage in it. Get over ourselves and recognize what's important for our system to merely operate before we get into measures of kindness. If I can't be bothered to make an appointment then I can't very well justify my outrage at not being served.


rainmanjr 8 Feb 22

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Unfortunately, too many seem t forget that basic idea. When this country goes everyone in it, including outsiders also go. We are in this together and the boat is sinking. There is no more room. Conservatives seem to feel we should be the worlds policemen and liberals feel we should be the worlds social workers. My late partner was an immigrant and she felt very strongly the system was broken. She was an elementary school teacher and having to deal with so many parents from other countries only added to her workload. I have said many times we need to make immigration about a system not the people. That system is totally broken.

Yes. Whether there is room or not is, IMO, irrelevant. It's whether we have enough money AND time to invest in them. We do not. Citizens are going without, and have been for a long time, while Dems try to serve folks who aren't citizens. That does not bring happiness to citizens so Dems need to reevaluate that empathetic desire. Desire, speaking as a Taoist, is not a great human trait. Our system is broken because many aspects of it are broken, just like a dying man, and unable to see past its nose. Now the system is shutting down and needs a major change of conscious/purpose to even hope for getting well.

@rainmanjr I started doing some purging of old papers this morning. Since becoming a part of "The Overpopulation Project" I have become familiar with a couple of distinguished writers. One did a piece of how the subject of overpopulation has disappeared from most mainstream news reports. One report from 2020 had a lot about immigration. One item that was mentioned was a quote bu Booker T. Washington over a century ago was😘"Cast down your bucket where you are and hire recently freed slaves, rather than to immigration."* Even Martin Luther King talked about how cheap immigration labor made it hard for the black community to gain a foothold. It's not so much the Dems. but the corporations supporting both parties. The republicans say they want to control immigration but , as usual, lying has become paramount to that party.

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