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In my efforts to reconstruct some disappeared posts and replies or my level, I uploaded pics from my Mac and guess where they are?
This doesn't seem like random "computer' did it. This is intentional. Period.
Like I said; apparently a stimulator dog collar is worse in someone's slow witted intelligence than abortions AND religion. It's the brain of deprived opinions other than their own small world.
I'm being stalked and removed. Darwin is waiting so don't take long to meet him.

K9Kohle 5 Feb 23

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Just ask Pegasus and Twitter if you are on the No post list???

That sounds really really funny. Pegasus and Twitter? LOL Would love to meet Pegasus.


You post via a Mac or smart phone?



I have no idea. It does seem to me that my points on this site are doing nothing so anything can happen. I think we are abandoned here.


If your missing posts were in a group, be aware that group owners may delete anything they find off topic or offensive. Postings from the main page using a general category are “protected” and shouldn’t go missing, because no individuals have the capability of deleting them, except @Admin, who does not appear to be around. If you have a lot of posts “gone missing”, I’d say you are, minimally, off topic, or generally, offensive. Are you sure you belong there?

"Are you sure you belong here?"
You sure YOU belong here?

@K9JetLee999 She meant belonging to the group that is deleting his posts. She didn’t mean belonging to agnostic itself. It was a typo. It should’ve been “there”instead of “here.”

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