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A man in Toronto drove a van down a busy sidewalk mowing down as many women as he could. Last I heard he killed eight women and two men. Femicide the killing of women because of her gender by men. I couldn’t find a malicide
What brings a man to hate women enough to kill them? I always thought men were our protectors.

MsHoliday 8 May 1

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Incels. Involutary celibates. Aren't getting any so want to rape and murder women, because of course it's our fault. This guy and the whole of the muslim males.


It’s impossible to formulate a single reason that accurately and thoroughly describes all reasons why any particular man may grow to hate and kill a woman. Honor killings, Jack the Ripper-style deviance, land or other property disputes, “the heat of war” as in Mai Lai, etc. The common theme is a lack of respect and empathy for the other.


A specific killing of men would probably be 'androcide,' going by the typical use of... erm, is it Latin or Greek... can't remember--ennyhoo, it's better to use 'homicide,' in my opinion, as separation of gender in this case may lead to dehumanisation of one or the other.

As to why they do this? They're shitty human beings, that's why. I don't care what their past was like. I hate this kid-glove treatment of abusers and bullies and murderers that other people are propagating. I had a terrible relationship with my mother, I couldn't get a date (much less sex) if my life depended on it, but I'm not going to be so stupid and evil-minded as to blame women for it.


Horrific. I read about this one and saw on the news. There really are no words to describe the horror and insanity, and evil. Evil is still a good word sometimes, religion or none, for actions like this, for someone like this. Mutant is another good description I use for people like this.
We live in a most wonderful time in many ways but there's this awful sick violent destruction going on also. Strangely imilar to the Dickens opening, "It was the worst of times, it was the best of times", hard to wrap the brain around this rot... Sorry I don't have something more pithy and wise;
"..It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us..."


I wonder what sort of relationship he had with his mother. Mothers can be evil and violent or they can be sick with mental health problems which deprived their son of love and nurture. CPTSS can have devastating effects later in life


There are many messed up humans like serial killers that often focus on woman like say the green river killer or jack the ripper or the Yorkshire Ripper. women rightly or wrongly are always vulnerable to men from birth till death. there aren't many serial killers that are women let alone ones that kill only women. sad but true.


I don't know what brings a man to hate women enough to kill them. However, sex is glorified (imo) to the extent that not having sex or being a virgin is stigmatized, especially for men. Apparently, the okcupid data showed that 50%of the women on the site who responded to the survey said that they wouldn't date a virgin man. I will try and find a source for this. Further, entertainment industry propagates such ideas as well.
Whenever such horrific crimes occur, people blame the perpetrators entirely. I think, we as a society shouldn't be so quick to give ourselves the clean chit.


The idea of the male protector is a myth, plain and simple. Throughout history, men have consistently abused women. They burned them as witches (and yes, they burned men, children, and animals, as well, but 75% of the "witches" were women). They raped when the pillaged, and women were property. I have not seen studies, but I would wager that more harm was done to women than there was protecting them. And even then, women "needed" to be protected because they were perceived as weak (physically and mentally) and unable to protect themselves.

The Greek myth of the Amazons is based on Scythian warrior women. Not all societies suppressed or abused women just because they were women, but a LOT of them did and still do.


This is one of those questions for which a logical answer just does not exist--or not for me. It is like asking why anyone would harm a child. I don't get it.


Men are protectors of their own families, and the more enlightened ones may be protectors of anyone who needs protecting. Women too can take on the role of protecting those who need protecting of course, beyond just their own children. Homocide is the killing of men, but over time it has broadened it's meaning to be for any human being. Femicide and gynaecide are both killing of women, but both of those are rarely used.
Killing to me is an irrational immoral act from some misguided state of mind. Men kill about 6 times more often than women with some genetic and psychological factors probably accounting for that. Men more often kill for revenge, jealousy, just the thrill, or to cover something else up, whereas women most often kill for personal gain of money, property, or a misguided idea it is the loving thing to do.
The news story on this van case says THIS killer was inspired by one of another man several years ago in California who was brainwashed in some extremist anti-feminism groups there. So this was also the actions of a brainwashed psychotic man driven nuts by a bad ideology, much like some men get brainwashed and driven to kill by misguided religious ideologies against women, gays and people in other religions.
No excuse for murder like this. 😟

Well said.


Murder is matter who you murder.

Yes, however the targets in this case were the women.


I learned the word femicide a few weeks ago. It's like gender apartheid.


He thinks he’s entitled and can’t understand how or why women won’t be sexually intimate with him. He blames them when it is his fault.

CS60 Level 7 May 1, 2018

I agree with you. I think it is the reason for most men who do not like women. It doesn't get them anywhere. There is now that many more women he will never have a chance with and many more who heard the story. There are so many people who (in many different circumstances) want to blame their situation on others, instead of using their own power to improve things. I think it is sad.


Isn't this man a member of a group that blames women because they can't find a woman?
"Involuntary celibate" is what they call it.

@Stacey48 They call themselves 'incels' for short.
There's a whole group of men who think this way. I need to research it a little more, but they're not just in Canada.
Why take responsibility for your crappy personality when you can just blame someone else, right?

I know right!

@Stacey48 google "incel"

@Stacey48 hard to imagine how some people think

@Stacey48 I too found it very disturbing. To think there are sites geared to the hatred of women.


It's really nothing new. Remember Jack the Ripper, Ted Bundy, and The Green River Killer?

@Stacey48 Yep this is a "movement" of women haters who exchange information and plan attacks.


We don't need protectors; we need equality. Worst of all, he probably hates women so much because none would shag him.

That's the whole point - google "incels"

@GoldenDoll Holy fucking hell. What a bunch of freaks.


Well, according to MGTOWS and Incels, feminism has abdicated that need. You know, "y'all wanna be equal so..."

Myself, I grew up with different values.

I would love to see these idiots being mobbed by a bunch of ancient, horny widows demanding to be "serviced". If they are going to play that incredibly distorted equality card they should be fine with it.


It's the same behavior you see in baboon troops -- lower-ranking males taking out their frustrations on females.

Not really. Baboons shag each other indiscriminately. And very quickly.

@GoldenDoll If the males are lower ranking, they don't just shag when they want.


I'm with you. I don't understand it. It makes no sense.

Makes perfect sense, And we need to be aware of it, and prepared.

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