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More issues with this site... I've been noticing that when I comment on a post and hit "submit" the command seems to got to facebook before going through. It says: "sending request to " and then once in a while I get a "Gateway 504 Timeout" error message, and so I'll submit again, but lo and behold it did post the first time.

Just another issue with this site that I hope gets looked at and fixed. Not sure why commands are going through facebook before coming back to this site. I hope my comments are not landing on facebook somewhere - as I would really like to keep those two parts of my world separate for the time being.

Anyone else seeing this?

UPDATE: I CLEARED ALL COOKIES PUT ON MY COMPUTER BY AGNOSTIC DOT COM AND THIS LAG TIME ISSUE IS NOW RESOLVED. Now it's just the messaging that is not working for me. I still get the "No Connection" having to do with the "socket status" notation at the bottom of my chat screen.

Julie808 8 Mar 11

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I have enjoyed this site almost since the beginning.
I left the site and returned.
There has been a major exodus over the years.
There aren't many people joining.
The participation and the energy aren't what they once were.
Perhaps the administration doesn't see this site going in direction that was envisioned.
I would love to hear from the admin just what is the site's mission, and is there anything that we can do to improve the site.

Unity Level 7 Mar 15, 2023

The site has FB pixel installed to track, log, and monitor certain user actions. I imagine it's part of their level and rewards system here.

Aha! That makes sense. I just deleted all cookies having to do with Agnostic and now I don't see that lag as it goes through FB or whatever was happening. Thanks!

Curiously, websites never seem to inform anyone that they are tracking them and most probably targeting them for advertisements. Of course, a well maintained computer makes a difference.

@ASTRALMAX Aha! That would explain why I get ads on FB having to do with subject matter I've discussed here on this site! So, this site doesn't have ads on it, but our interests are being sold to FB for targeted ads perhaps? Huh!

When I went to delete my cookies I noticed that Agnostic had 16 cookies -- I deleted them and now I have no problems with submitting comments and posts, just the messaging issue which is apparently caused by something beyond my control.


I have had the time out problem as well as slow page response when submitting a post or comment. Once in a while when I like a comment it is slow and the wrong emoji will appear. I'm afraid this site is slowly dying and will if the site owner does nothing to address the issues.

I will miss the people here when this site is gone. 😟

Betty Level 8 Mar 11, 2023

This site is degrading due to loss of interest by the site owner (who is also the maintainer). I expect it to grind to a halt by the end of April.

Why the end of April? For me it is functioning as it has for years and I like it better with no administration. They didn't do much when they were here. I think the web domain comes up for renewal in September so if he's going to let it lapse, I expect it will be then. But I've thought that for years. To me the real question is: why does he keep it going?

@LovinLarge My end of April guess is exactly that, a guess, based on how I have seen the performance degrade over recent weeks.

You question about why does he keep it going is well asked.

@anglophone And on the flipside: why won't he sell the domain if he's not interested in it? I expect he is someone who amasses possessions without regard for others.

@anglophone tax breaks tell the person who has me blocked.


My understanding is that this site is pretty much unmoderated and unmonitored, and if that is the case there's little hope of anything getting fixed. I'm just waiting for it to not be here when I try to visit


Okay it seems to not allow me to spell out facebook dot com but other than that, the processing message going through FB is kind of strange and I've been noticing it for several weeks actually.

It sounds to me like you're having a end user computer related problem. Are you using a computer or a phone? Do you know how to clean cookies and/or temp files from your browser?
I've only noticed a few hiccups here and there that don't result in error messages.

Okay I deleted a bunch of cookies and I'll see if there's any difference. Thanks.

@FvckY0u Yep, that seemed to do the trick about the "sending request to fb dot com" and it's no longer happening. Thanks! Much quicker now! 🙂

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