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Facts or false?

FrancoFran 5 Mar 18

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What about the current slavery going on in South America, Africa, the Middle East, and China? Who owns those slaves???

Very little in non-islamic Africa. Instead, poorer members of a family work in slave-like conditions for richer relatives.


Hahaha. I take it you haven’t traveled much internationally, but hey; If that makes you feel better buying things…..

@CourtJester I am an African, from Kenya. Any more silly comments?

Same comment stands. Travel more

@CourtJester Swathes of the USA, much of it by Greyhound bus meeting all sorts of interesting fellow passengers, and also by car. Other lands include Canada, Kenya, Tanganyika, Zanzibar, Uganda, Ethiopia, Seychelles, South Africa, England, Scotland, Wales, France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein, Italy, Monaco, Andorra and Spain.
I also speak 5 languages.
Maybe you should let your closed mind travel more.

@Petter He’s echoing the Christian apologist’s sophistry when they explain to the atheist to keep reading, listening and searching until they discern the truth of the matter. The “truth” of their religion, in other words. Same thing with. CJ. None of your experience or knowledge registers with him if it disconfirms his idiotology.

@NostraDumbass "idiotology". You should submit it to @marionville for her Words and their Meanings group.

@Petter We welcome all comers ….no IQ test requirement for admission!…..

@Marionville I think it is a lovely, most descriptive word. Great description for the study of conspiracy theorists, etc.

Idiotologist - One who studies red neck MAGAs.

@Petter …in their natural beer-soaked, NASCAR environment. Not for the faint of heart. An idiotectomy would appear to be in order.


The most fucked up part of this is that the OP thinks that where the blame lies is the most important part, rather than recognizing a wrong that persists to this day that needs to be corrected. That's an impressive amount of shitbaggery from a profoundly stupid troll.

Welcome to agnostic. I'm sure you'll fit in perfectly with all the fuckin' morons and Nazis in the Conservative Atheists group.



False. That was easy.


So…Jews aren’t white? Or American? Huh????

There's a debate going on whether Jews are white or "racialized"

@Thibaud70 If Jews are "white" then so are Palestinians. They have the same semitic ethnicity.

@Petter Be careful... in an academic framework, "race" and "ethnicity" are quite different. The concept of whiteness is different from "being of European descent".
"Races" do not exist, but people are "racialized" -or so they tell us

@Thibaud70 Time to ignore fanciful academics and use basic logic, then.

@Petter Unfortunately, many crazy ideas bred in academia have already spilled over to our daily lives. Happy those who can afford to ignore them ...

@Thibaud70 I ignore such ideas. But then I don't live in the USA.


Did you know: 100 per cent of neo-nazis are slaves of stupidity


ChatGPT says:

What ethnic group owned the most slaves during the height of American slavery?

During the height of American slavery, which spanned from the 17th century until the mid-19th century, the vast majority of slaves were owned by White Americans, particularly those of European descent.

While it is true that some African ethnic groups participated in the slave trade and sold slaves to European traders, it is important to note that they did not own the slaves once they were transported to the Americas. Once enslaved people were brought to the Americas, they were sold to European-American slave owners who used them for labor on their plantations.

Furthermore, it is not accurate to say that any particular ethnic group "owned" slaves, as slavery was a system of institutionalized oppression that allowed individuals and groups with more power and resources to exploit and control those who were more vulnerable and marginalized.

Which European group owned the most slaves in America?

During the era of American slavery, the largest number of slaves were owned by people of British and then later American descent. British colonists established the slave trade in America in the early 17th century and by the time of the American Revolution, the British North American colonies were the largest slaveholding territories in the world. When the United States gained independence in 1776, the institution of slavery was legal in all thirteen of its states, and the new nation continued to be one of the largest slaveholding societies in the world.

It's important to note that while there were other European powers involved in the transatlantic slave trade and slavery in the Americas, the British and later American slave systems were the largest and most enduring, and they had the greatest impact on the history and culture of the United States.

What is chat gpt? Most information from Google is now controlled information censoring things rather than providing what information a person is actually looking for


Very powerful artificial intelligence. I use it to assist me when I am programming, it provides C# code, I have used it to summarize Xenophon's book on horsemanship, Aldous Huxley's books, provide answers to questions about Ancient Greek Grammar, I even had it pretending it was Friedrich Nietzsche and answering questions.


@Archeus_Lore Once enslaved people were brought to the Americas, they were sold to European-American slave owners who used them for labor on their plantations.

ChatGPT got this wrong. There were African-American slave owners, they even fought for the confederacy in the civil war.

@TheInterlooper "Furthermore, it is not accurate to say that any particular ethnic group "owned" slaves," I take that as meaning the same thing as your statement "There were African-American slave owners,". The question ChatGPT was trying to answer was not who ALL of them were, but who the majority of them were. Granted I have said that, ChatGPT is by no means perfect, when I have it helping me during C# programming, I spend a good deal of time arguing with it . . .


You are racist at best, nazi most probably, and woefully misinformed... Wait, scratch that, an outright liar. Go away.

Stop scratching your stds

@FrancoFran ooooohhhh, a thoughtful, impressive reply, totally on a par with your original post

@AnneWimsey is that your std oozing?


@FrancoFran You've been posting right wing crap since you crawled out of whatever rock you came out of. There probably were Jews in the south who owned slaves. The vast majority were Christians who preached Christianity to them. If what you posted were true, which anybody with half a brain would know it's not, 78% percent of slaves and their descendants would be Jewish. Almost none of them are. You see, people on aren't as stupid and the dumb motherfuckers you talk to day to day on your Neo-Nazi websites.

Where your source bitch?

@FrancoFran Source for what dickbreath?

@barjoe source for the 5 dicks in your ass ugly bitch

@FrancoFran I can't tell if you're ugly or not because you have a fabulous burner account. I think you might be happier on our sister site, They like ignorant Anti-Semitic racist cunts like yourself.

@barjoe why is your dick in your ass? Do you enjoy fucking yourself?


It seems we've been invaded by neo-nazi trolls.


Who made the most money?

Not sure

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