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FDR planted the seeds of communism that blew up threatening the financial security of the usa

What is the US government biggest expense?
The official source of government spending data
$495.43 Billion. on National Defense.
$476.26 Billion. on Medicare.
$474.29 Billion. on Social Security.

FrancoFran 5 Mar 19

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actually, not one fact posted.....freakin' amazing, or something.......


Pure diabribic, ideological, extremist bull-shit!!!!!!


Everybody stop giving this motherfucker points!


Just block this babbling basement Nazi Wingbat!


LOL, "the seeds of communism," WTF does that even mean?

Word salad. FDR did what he did to stop the rise of Communism from the already exploited working class.

@FrancoFran Sure dude. Whatever. You're still butt hurt over something that was repelled decades ago. Troll away dude, troll away. Hitler called, he wants his Spanish dick sucker back. Do I need to explain that? Franco Fan.

@Beowulfsfriend You're right, stupider than my worst fears, sheesh.

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