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Fires & floods in california: school shootings even 5 more people dead as i write; train and chemical leaks in ohio and pa: tornado in miss: so much devastation and much in the "bible belt!' where was the loving god??? I think that god was on vacation or on awol! Wait a minute - no - he/she was working - these were "acts of god"!


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Why did you Spam this here 7 times?

Spam? I am sorry, i am not good at this site... Not familiar. I apologize. Dave


please delete all the repeats of this same message.

I'm not real familiar with this site, as you can probably see. I only found 1 post!???

@FUNandFAITHFUL There are six total of this same message in different groups. 3 were in general and hello's, and the rest in other groups that you posted in. You will have to go back to the groups you posted in to remove the duplicates. Welcome to the site. It is hard at first, and the site is having a lot of tech issues, so that doesn't help.

Are you REALLY, SERIOUSLY BRIGHT? if not, want to get married and move back to California - I lived in SoCal (San Diego) for most of the last 30+ years! I loved it! Picture is at my condo in Pompano Beach, Florida. Nice here, but I don't love it the way I love California!

Oh boy, that would be a years work for me.... so I guess that i'm just going to leave it be and hope that people don't annoyed or that they really like the post and read 2 or 3 times!

@FUNandFAITHFUL Don't know if I am "really, seriously bright", but I am not a dummy that's for sure. I am done with marriage, and prefer to just be friends with men these days. I've only been back here in Texas for less than 10 months and already want to find a way back to California. It's just so damned expensive there for us older people on fixed incomes. What made you move to Florida from California? It would be painful for me living in Florida as it is here in Texass!!

@Redheadedgammy I don't think this troll will be here long.

@BufftonBeotch So far, I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. We will see how long he sticks around.......

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