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How come the United $tates of Absurdity is getting over-run by anti-abortion assholes these days?

anglophone 8 Apr 22

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They've been chasing this car for 50 years. The project to eliminate abortion is a manic obsession that found support from The Family and other groups. Putin has been financing these same groups to promote the anarchy we're seeing.

Having billions in oil money, Putin has been busy helping Le Pen, Bolsonaro, crooks in Ukraine, Hungary, and Belarus. He flooded Europe with indigent Syrians and undertook brainwashing social media campaigns for Ukraine, France, England's Brexit, as well as Trump's election.


They have gawd on their side? They hate uppity wimmen?


They feel empowered by all the crap the other right wing jack wagons are getting away with. Insurrection, gender classifications, book burnings, the list goes on. 🫤


Just to feel important.

Betty Level 8 Apr 22, 2023

Lemmings. All they need is a new cause to be outraged about... and they're off and running.

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