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Let's get one thing straight: it's not your daddy's Republican Party anymore. The GOP has been entirely taken over by an authoritarian (fascist) movement called MAGA (Trumpism). This cancer has spread to every part of the Party formerly known as the GOP. Any normal Republican who has not pledged fealty to Trump has, through threat of primary challenge or threat of outright physical violence, been purged from the Party. (Why do you think "Republicans" in Congress, with all these mass shootings, are so unwilling to support the kind of reasonable gun control legislation favored by 80% of Americans? Because the threat of violence is working for them, that's why.) And don't think that convicting the Done Cheato will put an end to MAGA. It has moved beyond Trump himself. It does not need the indicted former president. MAGA is a democracy-ending zombie apocalypse. It must be stopped at all costs. How did we come to this? One word: gerrymandering. Gerrymandering allows only the most extreme candidate to win a primary election. Moderates are pushed out. This flaw in our electoral system has given MAGA an outsized presence in our politics. To a certain extent, we already have minority rule. Sparsely populated states get two senators, just like densely populated ones. And the winner-take-all method of counting electoral college votes employed by most states also tilts the playing field in favor of rural states. So let's face it. Democrats don't just have to beat MAGA; they have to beat it convincingly, the way they did in 2020. And if we're really lucky, that will be enough... for now.

Flyingsaucesir 8 May 1

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The Biden administration just enacted a home loan distribution plan and you're calling the GOP fascist?

Did you graduate high school?

You got something against building more houses, or making it easier to buy them? One minute you blame Biden for homelessness, then you get on his case for trying to solve it. Make up your mind!

I absolutely have something against home owner payments going up in order to subsidize payments for people with bad credit scores.
Why should responsible people have to pay part of the bill for people that have made poor life choices? That’s the first step to redistribution of wealth which is dead on fascist. Only lazy people that offer zero to society support that.
Learn the facts.

@CourtJester Who says "homeowner payments [are] going up" because of this plan?

@CourtJester You obviously don't know what fascism is, btw. 😂


That’s some grade a Cold War socialism.

I’m going to openly laugh at people that have their homes repossessed.

Amazingly…. When people are so ignorant and uneducated that they buy a house with really shitty credit, they simply take on a larger payment that they can’t and won’t make. It’s almost like we saw similar results in 2008.


@CourtJester Newsnation? Washington Times? New York Post? Bwahahahaha! Fake news! 😂😂😂


No need to worry……That apocalypse will happen one day. The problems we face, sad to say at this point (Pollution, climate change, etc) are irreversible and nothing short of a so-called ‘miracle’ can save it. (If you’re one of those who still believe that).

Millennials and Gen.Z are not starting families the way previous generations did. Sperm counts in men have been dropping for decades now, not to mention more young women going for fertility treatments. Bad diets and toxins in the air are a major contributor to this, as well as other factors depending on the individual, genetics, etc. Does anyone really think the manufacturers of these products are ever going to change anything?? HAHAHA Yeah right. So just think long and hard about this for about 5 or 10 minutes and try telling me there’s hope.

Regardless of whether there is hope or not, we should still do all we can to make things better. Sitting back and just watching civilization collapse is not an option (for me, anyway). Besides, fighting the good fight sounds like a very honorable way to die, if it comes to that.

@Flyingsaucesir I’m in total agreement with all you say!!

The problem is, too many aren’t doing anything. and with the way everything is today is only more of a mountain to climb.

@CuddyCruiser Hence my motivation to write the post.

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