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Canadain Government has been heavily pushing digital currency and majority of Canadian are not going for it. Owning our bodies, free speech and money will be the end of freedom.

Castlepaloma 8 May 22

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I use digital currency exclusively except when I write an occasional check. My money goes straight to my bank and my bills are paid directly from my bank as they come due. This is the way I set it up.

I use mostly digital currency like most people also for bills There is a whole other world of lower income people who can not survive with out cash business. Especially the homeless. and digital money in farmer markets or second hand markets that can not survive, where they also double dip into our pension. Digital means taxing absolutely everything including the over the top extra carbon content with taxes on everything we buy. Which changes how we buy everything also. About 68% of Canadains are broken, this next level will move many of them into 15 minute cities , Because stealing over $200 more per month will take them over the edge.

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