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China has just made an international joke of itself: [] 中国刚刚开了一个国际笑话。

anglophone 8 May 23

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Nothing new there....people in more than a few countries have been executed for criticizing their government.


A humourless, authoritarian regime, similar to the one a certain Donald wishes he could create, where he would be the only officially sanctioned comedian.


Nigel Ng is so funny. He's a gourmet chef, the funniest one on all of social media. Love Uncle Roger and I'm proud to count myself as a nephew.


I don’t watch many YouTube videos, however Uncle Roger is good viewing.

His take downs of Jamie Oliver’s cooking style are hilarious.

If the Chinese Government feels threatened by his style of comedy, says a lot about their insecurities.

"... says a lot about their insecurities." EXACTLY!

@anglophone Here’s the video that got China so upset:

@Zealandia Nice bit of detective work there. 🙂

@anglophone Thanks.

@Zealandia He calls him Jamie Olive Oil.

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