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Has anyone else seen this? (Hope the link works). A man was asked to come onto a show and talk about his beliefs and then they shouted him down and told him he needed to seek psychiatric help when he explained that he was an atheist...[]

girlwithsmiles 7 May 3

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He did need to see a shrink - but only if he wanted his mind bent to their blinkered way of thinking, that won't even allow a person to differ.
This is the Egypt that Morsi wishes to create, rather than the Islamic, but secular, state that Egypt used to be.

Yes, I used to work for an Egyptian/ Australian lady. I once asked her how she felt about headscarves/ burkas and she said she was against them. She said that when she was growing up they were hardly worn and now they were much more prevalent (in Egypt). She didn't believe it was traditional, but rather a new additional to the Muslim culture. Her opinion changed my view.

Yes, but that is what psychiatrists are for too isn't it? Cultural shifts change psychiatric stereotypes and diagnoses.


That is just so sad that people can be so vehemently opposed to anything other than the indoctrination of their own myopia and indoctrination.


Wow! In Egypt and most other Muslim countries, stating you don't believe in their God can get you killed! Freedom of speech is not a right over there, not even a possibility without inciting violence. Hope the kid made it out alive.

You and me both

Brave young man then.


What a crazy world. the irony is mind-boggling.

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