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Air New Zealand to weigh passengers before they fly
About time some airline did this. As a FIFO worker utilizing light aircraft, this is standard practice.
I recall an incident with my ex, a petite Thai lady all 55 Kg of her. We were checking in for a flight and her bag was 2 Kg over weight so rather than pay an outrageous sum for excess baggage, I got her to open her suitcase and chuck on a heavy cloak. This was done within a minute but the next guy in line had a very loud public tizzy fit that we were holding things up. This man was a good 120 Kg. I ignored him until he uttered the word "Asian" which got my back up and I let loose, literally saying "Pull your head in you FAT CUNT!!! You are twice her weight" with venom in my voice (very protective of my family when it came to racism).
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Should total weight, person plus baggage, be taken into account when flying?

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puff 8 May 29

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Getting awfully invasive about everything these days.

Yes and no here. Weight determines how much fuel to carry so a more accurate figure makes sense regardless of social issues.


If you can't get your butt into one seat then yes maybe you need to pay for two. But weighing people first, airlines know what the averages are and if their margins are that tight they'll probably run out of fuel mid-air anyway.
To the person in the lead article, 'Fat Cunt' is a universal way of getting a reaction from the English speaking world, when appropriately used it's a winner every time 🙂


Some may say if someone is double the weight than average and takes up 2 seats, maybe they should pay double the price. Personally I find the overreaching green passports and carbon taxe is more of a scam. When actually society has an abundance, wail leading people to believe there is a scaricity of everything. That is controlled by corperationism. Since most people in the Americas are obese, make bigger seats. They limiteizing cars and fight to cattle people into 15 minutes cities to limit our freedom and human rights. It would be nice if Governments educated people on healthy food and exercise, but they are not interested in that

absolutely correct....

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