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I just sat down in a United Airlines plane headed from DC to Newark, NJ. Next to me is seated a priest. Collar, Irish brogue,a whiff of scotch, the works. What should I say or discuss with him.

ArturoS 6 May 3

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Never mind the priest. being in that run. DC to NJ. terrible


So, what are you going to be doing in Joisey?


Ask him if you can try his scotch.
Sip it and announce loudly: "GOD D A M N!!!! That's good stuff!!!!!"


The weather, the flight - nothing else - he'll humour you

VLove Level 4 May 4, 2018

hopefully. that run is deadly


"Oh - hello there. A man of god, I see! Forgive me, but I'm curious - have you always been a delusional fuckwit, wallowing in your fairy tales of a psychopathic and murderous god; or is this a form of brainless, self-decepton that you achieved by dint of great effort later in life?"

And no ... I'm not serious!

I hear the voice of the Walter Mitty spirit that we all share.???


The Holy Trinity, I love listening to double-talk bullshit.


His Scotch preference, Ireland, DC, the weather. So many things to talk about that have nothing to do with religion.

We discussed books and my work. For a man working in a pre-medieval field he excellently well accoutered technology-wise. He brought his laptop and was into Paul Newman’s “The Verdict.”


Saying nothing is another option.

that would be my choice


Whatever you like that is nothing to do with religion


Ask him his reaction to Paul Ryan’s reinstatement of the Catholic House Chaplain.

I should have done that!


Whatever you do...don't talk about the will discover Catholic Priests know very little about the Bible. Talk about any young boys in your family...that should get his attention.


Be yourself... Let him do the talking. IF there is an opportunity you MIGHT mention you are an Atheist or however you identify yourself, but wait till you CHARM him, FIRST. 😉

It was an interesting flight. It was about 45 minutes late and as soon as we landed the generator failed. It soon restarted again. I must admit that I didn’t feel safer with Mr Priest next to me. On the contrary.

he doesn't care what you are. he is just stuck on a United tin can with mean flight attendants. dirty toilets. a really bad schedule. did they leave you stuck in DC for 5 hours getting you to NJ at 5 Am?


Find out what you have in common. Talk about that.

skado Level 8 May 3, 2018

I’ll remember next time. Thanks!


I'd talk about whiskey. He surely has some divine guidance on the subject.

Jameson, Paddy, or Tullamore, he would never suggest that Protestant Bushmills!




As much as possible just to hear him talk.

as little as possible to shut him and everybody else up. Your in a United plane


Anything but religion. Isn't it nice that North and South Korea are taking steps be get along better? instead of why does the Catholic Church spend millions on cover ups, legal battles and pay offs, instead of doing something practical and sensible about their centuries of sexual abuse problems?


I would ask him what it was like growing up in Ireland.


I would ask if he would share the scotch

I’m afraid none was visible any longer!

@ArturoS Oh - that's no fun then

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