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MUST WATCH & SHARE! Dr. Peter McCullough At The European Union Parliament (September 13, 2023)
Dr. McCullough delivered a speech to the European Union Parliament on September 13, 2023, in a session dedicated to the World Health Organization and Pandemic response. There were four attorneys and five scientists who made presentations. Dr. McCulllough’s speech was organized around three main concepts:

  1. A Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex has formed after years of planning and congealing. This is a working syndicate that aspires for global domination over all plants, animals, and humans. Through the context of health emergencies, the Complex has gained powers of authoritarian control over the entire globe.

  2. We have witnessed two waves of human suffering: a) SARS-CoV-2 respiratory illness, and b) mass indiscriminate COVID-19 vaccination. Both have installed the engineered, disease-promoting and potentially lethal Spike protein from the novel Wuhan Institute of Virology coronavirus.

  3. The Complex has inflicted global terror through three false narratives:

• SARS-CoV-2 infection is unassailable. It cannot and will not be treated early. The only public health responses are to social distance, lock-down, and mask-up, and take genetic vaccines every six months with no end in sight.

• The COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective, with no questions allowed from academia, mainstream media, or among peers.

• The massive human toll of Spike protein injuries, disabilities, and death are from the coronavirus infection, not the accumulating synthetic mRNA coding for cellular production and circulation of the same long-lasting Spike protein.

1patriot 6 Sep 18

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What kind of "person" puts this kind of energy into spreading malinformation? This clown @1patriot may be using this site to tryout propaganda messages.

flipper fuck off you know this doctor is top notch if you don't know than your stupid, which i won't have to the FOIA stupid fuck got jabbed with a very dangerous injection how come i didn't get the injection because i studied it and i fought with all kinds dicks like you not to get it.... []
BOMBSHELL: New-Found Emails Prove Biden White House Hid COVID Vaccine Harms from the Public if you don't like this web site type that headline into your lying search engine see if you find any thing


Wow, this post is 🐂💩 piled on top of 🐎💩. The death rate from SARS CoV-2 among unvaccinated people is far, far higher than it is among people who got the jab. Almost everyone I know has been vaccinated and none suffered adverse effects other than a day or two of fatigue and a transitory fever. I have had the two-injection initial vaccine and two boosters. I have surely been exposed to SARS CoV-2 but have not contracted the disease. I'm planning to get my 5th shot (the latest updated version) as soon as it is available later this month or early in October.

good for you! it your choice!

@1patriot Also good for my 85-year-old mother, people with compromised immune systems, pregnant women, and virtually everyone else I might have contact with. Ya see, it's not just about me or you.

@Flyingsaucesir as long as it remains a choice!!!! for or me or everyone! my aunt 94 years old we forced because she wan it the nursing force never ever had a flue shot before....

@1patriot No one has been forced to be vaccinated. Some may have had to make some difficult decisions, given their irrational reluctance to receive a perfectly safe and effective public health measure. The real problem here is that too many people lack science literacy; lack critical thinking skills; are superstitious; are inundated with misinformation; and bombarded with disinformation. People who are racked with irrational fear make all kinds of bad decisions, or struggle unnecessarily to make the right one.

@Flyingsaucesir you right you know fuck all about the safety of these emergency injection that have killed millions of people, so you please make sure you get your fucking 10 shots and stay away from me. professional science and doctor are speaking out around the world and the MSM and family doctor are all part of the criminality and your calling it conspiracy and it is conspiracy fact. but is you don't listen to the real facts your just a blind dummy.

@1patriot Sounds like I touched a nerve. So what's your deal? Did you flunk high school biology? (Or earn a C-? Practically the same thing.)

@Flyingsaucesir like i say, get your shots all of them!

@1patriot Count on it.

@Flyingsaucesir GREAT! MY AUNT WAS FORCED!

@1patriot How was that? Did they drag her into a room, tie her to a chair?

@Flyingsaucesir they threaten to throw a 94 year women on onto the street! so fuck off your a prick always will be you be dead and few years any way.....

@1patriot Hey, I'm just asking questions, so spare me your melodrama.

A senior living facility is exactly the type of place where, during a pandemic, mandatory vaccination against the pathogen in question is totally appropriate.

You have many vulnerable people, living in close proximity. To not require vaccinations when they are available would be negligent.

It's too bad your granny agonized needlessly over a decision that should have been a no-brainer. The COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective. There is nothing to fear (except fear itself).

@Flyingsaucesir never done it for 94 years, it was an untested....dangerous injection that's killed millions and still killing millions

@1patriot The lie that the vaccines kill is just another piece of the larger poisonous propaganda pie cooked up to try and convince people that liberal democracy doesn't work. What doesn't work (on most of us) is the propaganda. All anyone has to do to see that the lie is a lie is to poll their friends and relatives who have been vaccinated: are you dead yet? Turns out they're not dead; they're thriving. We the vaccinated are doing great. The only people I know, or any of my friends know, who suffer and die from SARS CoV-2 are those who didn't get vaccinated.

@Flyingsaucesir again please keep getting them ......please i think their 10 of them just for the flue in 2020 so your most likely way behind myocarditis is one of the side effect we all know you look into thing way better than me so please going at it! by the way there no repairing Myocarditis except to get a new heart but hey i know fuck all so you best look that up.

@1patriot Actually, myocarditis is merely inflammation of the heart muscle, and it does not usually cause permanent damage. 😉

@1patriot show us the backhoes digging hundreds of trenches to bury those dead millions, such an Easy thing to prove.....or not........

@AnneWimsey you will have to go look as thousand die every day.... it Alberta the leading cause of death is now sudden death is all that's being put down as the cause. at the race last week a photographer 54 years had a brain aneurysm he died on site. you don't need to go to the grave yard just look up the obits in your city

@1patriot my father had a brain aneurysm and died at age 53, 35 years ago,
Guess that was covid-related too?

@AnneWimsey sorry to hear! Dr. Peter McCullough was a young doctor back then we have come a long way in that technology since that time


it's been awhile since the 'jabs' and according to you fools, the humungus piles of dead & rotting who got them would require squads of backhoes to deal with.
i see no such thing happening, anywhere, but i do hear plenty of you idiots Wishing that were true so you could be right for a change.......

we got people dying every day from these jabs just because you ain't got any friends doesn't mean no one is dying. i have 3 dead friends and 2 injured

Took mom to athe areas most respected GI doctor. She shared her experiences with the rush of folks who now have severe GI issues since taking the jab. How many athletes did ya see dropping over on the field pre 2020? The statistic that tells all is the excess death post 2021 compared to all years prior. With the damaged immune systems of jab recipients...the die off will be slow but progressive...the initial instant deaths are not the most concerning part.

i have Family who are jabbed it wished any one would die but i bet you wished i would die if i caught it as that seems to be your way...


There are plenty of experts who have credentials which far exceed all of the hecklers using weak attempts to discredit folks by assigning a title of conspiracy theorist in order to invalidate credible evidence. Most stand behind the bought and paid for 3 letter agencies which is like asking a mob boss their opinion of protection money. Here is one example out of hundreds who are not bought and paid for trying to explain much like Peter mcCullough the dangers of the mRNA technology. If you think the shots are safe....get them along with all the boosters but don't think you have a right to tell other people what they must put in their bodies. I don't see the hecklers posting peer reviewed stats about how safe and effective the shots were so I bet we know who the real conspiracy theorists are 😉.

warlord13 very well conveyed. DR. Peter McCullough is top notch Doctor and the European Union Parliament won't just let anyone speak to them. excellent video thanks!


This is the kind of crap you might hear on "Coast To Coast", which is a late night radio show on mostly conservative talk radio stations. The problem with the program is they don't cactually make any claims to the truth of their programs, as their lawyers say it is meant as "entertainment", and not to be actually informative, and the hosts are just playing roles. They also salt the "call-ins" with paid actors. They basically look at the old Orson Wells "War of the Worlds" radio broadcast and the panic it inadvertently caused, and though ti would mqke a great radio program to regularly cause that kind of thing by paying up conspiracy theories and presenting it as informative, while actually claiming it is entertainment.

The reason why the show airs primarily on right wing conservative radio stations, is because their show makes people afraid, and fear is at the center of conservative politics. Fear of foreigners, Fear of different religions, fear of different race or skin colors, fear of the LGBT+ community and so on. By making people afraid, you can get them to vote against their own interests. So, conservative talk radio stations love what "Cost To Coast" does.

Anyway, lately, with the rise of Trumpism, which started when Obama, a black man, was elected, republicans have been giving microphones to extreme nut cases to try to stir up even more fear among the masses.

American society is being manipulated, and it is pretty easy when the majority never check their facts with reputable sources.

So Dr. Peter McCullough and The European Union Parliament are all a lie in your opinion nothing to worry about. i have 3 dead friends from the jab! obviously you never had any friends die or get injured

@1patriot And I have friends who died from the disease.

@Jolanta i had covid! it not a disease phucking wake up or is that what you really know about it!

@1patriot What a potty mouth you have.

@Jolanta wow you noticed

@Jolanta would you be all for this lol

Very well said, @snytiger6!

@1patriot I though it was your favourite.

@1patriot 3 dead from the jab? Do you have the death certificates?

Virtually all my friends and family have had the vaccine, and NOT ONE has had a serious adverse side effect. Not one! How do you explain that?

@Flyingsaucesir keep on going man we need less of you idiots!

@1patriot Your non-answer says it all. 😂

@Flyingsaucesir yep, you know it all


That’s what democrats are getting us in line with.

not just democrats, all governments of the world are pushing big pharma is so powerful they are along with other corporations to push their possible force jam the world if they could with untested drugs. and it's not to the benefit of mankind...


I bet the reptilie people from planet Ablomax Prime are behind all of this (with help from cyborg Hitler) in an effort to convince people that the world is round (rather than flat as it truly is) by poisoning us with chemtrails. That's why the moon landing was faked! And they're watching all of us with those so-called "birds" you see everywhere. Wake up people! Don your tin foil hat to see the truth!

you been watching some weird shit, why aren't watching your porn like all your pedophiles friend do!

@1patriot Your a total fuckin’ moron.

@CuddyCruiser lol and look at that 2 of them pop up like Whac-A-Mole

@1patriot I'm one of the very few people who probably haven't blocked you 1patriot1 but now I'm blocking you as well. Good luck with your bullshit. Keep it up and everyone here will block you.

@Charles1971 "Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel." -- Samuel Johnson

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