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Pillars of Wisdom of How Muslims Debates:

  1. Lie, because the Qur'an approves al taqiyyah (The permission to lie to Non-Muslims)
  2. Deny that the verse ever exists in the Qur'an
  3. Claim that you are taking it out of context
  4. Claim you need to learn Arabic to understand the Qur'an
  5. Say Mohammed killed thousands in self-defence only
  6. Quote verses from the Old Testament, which all Christians reject in an attempt to divert attention from Qur'an evil verses
  7. Say that Hitler was a Christian following the Bible
  8. Say Mohammed loved the Jews until they attacked him for no reason.
  9. Say that a billion and a half or so of Muslims cannot be wrong
  10. Insist that Islam is a religion of peace spread by a very peaceful sword.
  11. Never ever admit that Islamic terrorists follow strict Qur'anic teachings
  12. Never admit that Qur'an contains even a single verse of hatred
  13. When all else fails changes the subject and blames the Jews
  14. Completely disregard the basic premise of debate and fundamental good manners by continually over speaking any debater you disagree with.
  15. Accuse the other of being an ignorant hater and declare yourself the winner..
DaveSchumacher 7 May 4

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All religious proselytizers; " I'm right and you're wrong. I don't have to listen to what you say but you have to listen to me."


Uncomfortable post, Dave. This could be true of any/all EXTREMISTS. Besides, I think posting something like that only divides members: I'd imagine that any member here with family that is Muslim or have roots in Islam are not comfortable with this kind of 'singling out one group'. Anyway, it makes me uncomfortable.


Like to do one on Christians now ?


Sounds about right


I guess u read the qur'an for this u have a strong point of view

Nope, I just copy and pasted it from another site. Even if some of it is taken out of context I don't give a shit. I believe, as does Sam Harris that Islam is the mother lode of bad ideas when it comes to religion. As Ayaan Hirsi Ali said in her book Islam is in need of a reformation. I'm aware that all Muslims don't believe all the crap in the Koran, but enough of them do to try and get sharia law imposed on all of us. I don't and will not apologise for being anti-religious. They have done and do so much damage in the world we free thinkers need to stand up to them. How many sikh, muslim, kurd and yazidi fathers have killed their own daughters just because they wanted to marry a european man?

@DaveSchumacher You call yourself a freethinker, but carefully avoid including jews and christians in your diatribe ! Have you never heard of the european conflicts opposing catholics and protestants for centuries - still latent in Ulster? Far from me to add water to that overworked mill, but what about jewish pogroms? Why mention the tiny number of Sikhs, but not the equally sectarian hindus? Last, but not least, do you not realise that muslims worship the same Abraham, Moses, Jesus etc... AND God as do the Christians and jews??!! They all belong in the same basket, none of them have the monopoly on evil, and if you must bring this down to an exercise in accountancy, I think you will find that christians win hands down over muslims when it comes to the body count in the last 2000 years !

@LoneJungle Historically yes, but but right now it is the Muslims who are beheading people.




I don't know the Koran well enough to comment.


This is different from Christians, how?


Every religion follow a similar set of argument to justify that they are right and everyone else is wrong. Muslims aren't the only ones that do it. Try talking to a Christian and you will get the same set of arguments, just substitute the books and Jesus in the argument. Same with Judaism.


Arguing with most religious people is like playing chess with a pigeon; no matter how good you are at chess the pigeon is just going to knock over the pieces, crap on the board and strut around like it's victorious.


you could have just said THIS

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