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If you could choose any weapon to have unrivaled mastery in, what weapon would you choose?

Me: Dual shortswords.

ErichZannIII 7 May 4

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A love potion to poison the antisocial with


I love the mind answer, because it is absolutely true that avoiding conflict and being able to de-escalate heated situations are invaluable.

But on a different plane, actual fighting skill for situations that ambush you still has its value. I thought about various weapons, and some are impressive, but unfortunately, very few of us could say we would be able to be armed with these wherever we go. But mastery is not much use where you aren't able to actually have it with you. So with that in mind, I would love to have "unrivalled" mastery over my own body as a weapon. Imagine 10th degree blackbelts simultaneously in Karate, Kung Fu, Judo, Taekwando, Aikido, and Judo. I am reminded of that old tv show western fantasy, "Kung Fu," with Kwai Cheng Kane, the "man of peace, who fights like ten tigers." I loved that silly show.



We do short swords, often 2 of them, sword and dagger, sword and buckler.
Overall the longsword wins in a mixed duel. Our club went interstate 2 months back against a rapier specific club who was hosting the event. Even in the rapier events, every one of our members beat everyone of theirs using an old German style.
I agree with @JimG re the mind, that is how we conquered the planet. But as they say, never take a knife to a gunfight.
Someone will always have an advantage no matter what weapon you choose.

A longsword and buckler was the style that the Vikings used. dual shortswords can beat a longsword, mainly because of the additional blade, though a longsword has the advantage of length. And I'm not simply asking about swords. You could choose a spear, and have the distance advantage, or a gun and be masterful at hitting a bullseye dead on six times in a row.

@ErichZannIII Just for the enjoyment, for me it is archery. I enjoy it, but am less than fair, so to be a master of it, yep, that would work.

I like archery. In a real fight, fairness only equals death for you. So if you have a bow and arrow, use it. Kill them from a distance and have done with it.


A good option.


As a veteran with 11 years of experience in the army, I qualified expert with at least a dozen weapons, and trained in hand-to-hand/ unarmed combat. The most dangerous weapon you can master is your mind.

My rifle/pistol/knife/hands are merely tools. Without the knowledge, skill, and will to use those tools they are useless. Actually they are worse than useless, in inexperienced or hesitant hands, they are dangerous to their user.

Make your mind your primary weapon. Study Sun-Tzu and focus on winning battles without fighting. I am skilled in the use of weapons that you may not even recognize as weapons, but if I have to resort to using any of them, I've already failed.

JimG Level 8 May 4, 2018

Yeah, your mind is a great weapon. And it's true, you have to think while you're using your weapon. But I was looking more for an actual physical weapon like a type of sword or a type of gun. Naturally, if you just swing a sword around, you're not going to get much done. You're not telling me anything I don't already know.


okay, in the spirit of this site,

Good option.

the incomparable Jethro's been a while. Thankyou


If I could lift it-and I was a lot taller, lol-the Claymore is kind of awesome.

An average claymore is about 4'6" long. The weight is what's sometimes problematic. Naturally, unless you had Peak-Human Strength, it would definitely require both hands to wield with any proficiency.

@ErichZannIII Half-elf. A girl can dream!


Throwing knives. As kids, my brother and I played throwing knives for hours. We made our own from what we could pilfer from our mother's knife drawer. Some of the games involved circles drawn in the sand, some targets we drew on trees, some involved throwing knives between our own fingers. I don't remember ever getting hurt. We were pretty good! I still carry at least one sharp knife in my purse or pocket.

A good option. Throwing knives, if thrown hard enough and accurately enough can be extremely deadly.


nukes ?

I guess that's a legitimate weapon. But an individual doesn't really get proficient with a nuke's use. It's really more drop the nuke, wipe out a two mile area and irradiate hundreds of miles around that.


Magic wand 🙂

I didn't think I needed to mention that it should be a mundane weapon, given that I didn't think most of us here believed in magic.

@ErichZannIII Aw! Don't we non-Theists get to have any wishful thinking in our lives? 🙂
Then I choose the mundane cross-bow because of its power and its long distance ability which defeats those shorter range knives, and kills the man carrying the 1,000 lb nuke who will be too out of breath to even arm it, let alone get away to a safe distance for himself. Don't know if you think modern rifles are "mundane" or not. A politician's tongue is also a mighty weapon that can kill thousands from a great distance by just giving the go ahead.

A fair point. Modern rifles are mundane.

@ErichZannIII Okay then the AK-47 is accepted as the most reliable rifle in the world, so that would have to be my pick. But I would not use it because I live by love, truth, and peace and I do not kill people.


My limbs.

A good option.

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