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What is your favorite podcast— atheist, skeptical, or anything else? Here’s my list to get us started:

-Scathing Atheist
-Cognitive Dissonance
-Thank God I’m Atheist
-God Awful Movies
-Citation Needed
-The Skepticrat
-Oh No Ross and Carrie

Agree? Disagree? Add to the list— I’m always looking for great new content!

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I like Skeptics Guide to the Universe.

artnerd Level 5 May 17, 2018

Naked Mormonism, Citation Needed, Inciting Incident, The Thinking Atheist... Noah, Heath, Eli and Lucinda will always be my favorites though. They're half the reason I realized I was an atheist.

They definitely helped me along my path, too. I’ve been listening to Noah/Heath products since 2013-14, happy that Eli finally came on board full time. Took my user name on this website from their Professor Farnsworth/Futurama quote on Scathing. My own little private homage lol.

And Naked Mormonism is great, too— not as entertaining but really fascinating and batshit crazy too!


I sort of have to listen to Freethought Radio because we support and really value the Freedom From Religion Foundation here in Madison, and it’s always good. Tons of interesting tidbits on secular music and musicians, much of it is very surprising to hear how many old standards were written by atheists & humanists.

Other than opening with the same John Lennon song (Not A Fan) it’s pretty flawless.


I love Secular Jihadists! Always a perfect mix of informative, thought provoking, and entertaining. I’m sorry Jasmin left the show but you can still hear the old episodes. Check it out!


Welcome to Night Vale - nothing about athiesm. But all hail the glow cloud!


I like Science Friday, Polyamory Weekly, Hidden Brain, and Note to Self.

Kenny_M Level 4 May 5, 2018

Some interesting suggestions here, thanks...


How Stuff Works, the only one I've ever cared to listen to at all.

Neraven Level 6 May 5, 2018

Grumpy Old Geeks. Why? Uhh, I'm grumpy, I'm old, and I'm a geek.


I love that whole list, but Penn's Sunday School is where I started. Jillette's books are also where I started my atheist journey. I'm very thankful I learned how to be an antitheist from someone who has no anger.


Lately I’ve been listening to The Atheist Experience and Talk Heathen which are both pretty good, and JW Podcast which focuses on Jehovah’s Witnesses.

zing Level 5 May 4, 2018

Cognitive Dissonance is great. If you’re looking for podcasts outside of the topic of atheism, try Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History.


I love Cognitive Dissonance. Been a loyal listener for a couple of years now. The Thinking Atheist with Seth Andrews is another favorite.

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