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Sugata Mitra has long been a hero of mine. His research helped me in the most challenging of classrooms (primary Turkey) to, despite the behavior problems, engage my students. I was never able to fully implement a SOLE program as the schools I worked for barely knew my name and even less listened to my ideas.

What I have found in academia and education are a lot of teachers who are control freaks. The idea of letting the students take the reigns in class is not a concept many can comprehend or embrace. Many thought I was lazy, or couldn't control my class. I wasn't trying to control my class. I was trying to teach my students how to teach themselves and to teach each other. A philosophy I have long held and, have had excellent results. My Turkish second graders tested 22% higher on their English exams than the rest of the school. An accomplishment I am most proud of. I believe it's time for an absolute Educational Revolution not only in America, but everywhere. We must resist "making education happen, and embrace letting it happen".

What are you thoughts about an education revolution, in other words, deconstructing the classroom? It's happening in Finland and they're number one in the Western world.

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This is an aside. The website I would like for you to look at and possibly respond to is this: []

Watch the video, if you dare, and see the education analogy it uses to make his point. He is naturally very combative (the guy that made the post) so if you don't want to reply, I understand.

I, unfortunately, don't know when to keep quiet.


My mom was a teacher, so I get to hear the ends and outs of our local education system. They are beginning to make changes, but very slowly.

We've needed an education revolution here in the states for a long time. European and especially Scandinavian countries are always ahead of us. Why don't we pull our heads out and accept that someone might do things better than us?

Lead on!


Two thumbs up. I have long felt the system we have used in this country has been outdated for decades.

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