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Is the world in your head or is your head in the world?

MajesticHero 4 May 5

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Good one! and (I believe) quite correct!


Got me there

It's both, most probably. We know experience exists, beyond that it's really impossible to say for certain, but I'm still of the opinion that mountains are mountains and rivers are rivers.


My world is in my head.
Hopefully my head remains in the real world

A fervent wish seconded heartily by yours truly. May all our heads remain in the real world for there is none other and in reality none better!


For the last 15 months I have been travelling around the world and around Australia. And the ethos I adopted was this - home is in your head.

If you can do that, home is anywhere you go.

Thank you! Very wise!


I hope the world in not in my head, because sometimes things get lost in there. Still haven't found that memory of how I got that faded scar on my head. I am happy to know the world is outside my head, but I am part of that world as well. All I really know about 'out there' is an imperfect interpretation sent on to my consciousness, ME, from my MASTER brain also called my subconscious mind. It does all the hard calculating and analyzing the tons of incoming sensory data from ears, eyes and the others. And it correlates that with past memories and my usual patterns of behavior etc, and IT DECIDES what to send on to my conscious smaller thinking brain. Thankfully it almost always comes up with a really good view of what is out there. It is very reliable and accurate, but is prone to error from a dozen or more causes. But we get along well, and for many decades now I have trusted it to keep alert and working 24/7 even while I am asleep, or under anesthetic on an operating table still doing its chores.


Since we and the universe are made of the same connected energy, one equals the other.

Experience can only be in our heads, and that is what we base all our speculation on...experience. Although we have no reason to doubt our senses, we have little reason even to doubt our interpretation, as far as it long as we are operating in a Newtonian world, we will be fine, things may not always go our way, but we are hoodwinked into thinking there is some knower behind the knowing, or some actor behind the action, when this whole presupposition upon which most of us build our lives, is completely open to criticism. For one thing, how far does this thing go back. If there is a controller controlling me, who controls him?? and so forth and so forth. So that's one of our dearest theories down the tubes! That's why I favor poetry as a way of expressing all that we experience! Because it has no limits and does not even aim at what is factual, bu only aims at the truth, that oh so enigmatic and ephemeral of subjects...


Both. How could it be any other way?

We all have a model of the world in our head which is continually being updated. We use this model to make predictions and moderate our behaviour. And assuming solipsism is false (and there are reasons to think it is, though none conclusive), our inner model of the world really does correspond with external reality in some way.

The fact that a photo from a camera always matches our own direct visual perception of the same scene goes a long way to verifying that an external world really exists, in my opinion. Likewise the fact that all evidence points to "mind" being "what the brain does" combined with the evidence that brains all evolved via a similar process, leads one to conclude that everyone's subjective inner experience is similar. That said, there is no conclusive proof against solipsism, but on a practical level it makes no difference.

Fairly well thought out. I may, however, have a bone to pick with you on a couple of points; but in general, I am quite pleased with your response!


You're right


It's not in my head I didn't make it don't blame it on me Anyway if the world was in my head it'd be a lot stranger

Doesn't all experience in a sense take place in your head, that is inside your brain?


My father always used to tell me " wherever you are, be there " so yes, I am aware of everything around me. I am both in my head and in my world.

Well there does appear to be in a way, two worlds, one real world out there, and our perception of the world out there, as well as how we think about it, focus on various aspects of it, philosophize about it; but in a very real sense that is going on inside our skulls; nevertheless, belief in this so-called outer world is rampant and it appears endemic to the race. One is certainly inclined toward belief in an outside world, because one seems to be running into it quite frequently in such away as to remove any doubt of it's existence; however, it is by its very nature, beyond proof! It is simply taken as a given, like one's own existence, and never seriously questioned. This is for the most part as it should be, for we seem incapable of acting any other way, because even when we take up the opposite viewpoint, there seems to be no material difference in how we comport ourselves, entirely as though the outer world existed! And why not! Why not indeed! And how indeed can one do other?

I was refering this immediate moment, not generalising., but what you say is true !


I'm pretty sure that the world is under my feet and my head is in the clouds.

You particularly intrigued me with your response love

@MajesticHero neato

@Donotbelieve glad you think so

@Donotbelieve I think THAT'S neato!

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