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Harriet Tubman - A true hero I've never heard of before. A film needs making about this extraordinary woman who helped slaves escape to freedom:-


Ellatynemouth 8 May 6

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The racist misogynistic patriarchy cites the "failure" of Susan B Anthony dollar coins as proof women do not belong as national symbols....Katko cannot sell his district hero to racist Ryan or racist McConnell who worship white banksters NOT THE WOMAN WHO SINGLE HANDEDLY liberated more slaves than any other person BEFORE DURING AND AFTER the civil war FACE TO FACE often dressed as a man in both rebel and UNION uniforms

Things have got to change.

It's dismaying to read about Kanye West siding with the alt right. Words like 'Quisling' come to mind.

@Ellatynemouth yes some rich blacks drink the Rush LimpBOSS KOOLAIDE and blame victims for low wage job policies and not getting rich as rappers like he did. ...just like some Atheists side with liberal religious scams like Billary instead of telling the truth about both corrupt Dems&Rethugs


A Woman Called Moses (1978 )
The Quest for Freedom (1992)
Harriet Tubman (1996) - animated short film

I believe there is a new one in the making or it may have been released in 2017

Thank you. I never heard of her before. I'm glad she's recognised.


There was a mini series that ended last season on a cable channel that I watched which was produced by John Legend and I can't remember the name of it right now.

Ella is in England or Normandy not USA


Go to Auburn NY to see her home museum and local honors there. ...Rethuglican Congressmember: John Katko is trying to replace racist Andy Jackson with Tubman on the 20's for the last 3 years but the bigots from TN NC SC still praise the racist genocidal jerkwad. ...some slaves AND MANY CHEROKEE refuse 20'$ in change demanding 5's 10's 50's or 100's all Yankees not slavers or murdering many Native Americans

That's appalling. I cannot wrap my head around these apologists.

@Ellatynemouth they are losing dozens of Confederate Generals on horseback statues across the South so they dig in their heels in Congress and TrumpOLINI is their hero totally ignorant of USA lynching history praising living perpetrators unproven but brag about their KKK history to the new skinheads

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