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I spent this last week in KC visiting my daughter. If you've never been to the Riverfront Farmers Market you need to. This little Cajun jewel there is awesome. And the Brazillian eatery in the opposite end is fantastic as well. Capirina's...nectar of the imaginary gods....

Freespirit64 8 May 6

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Beignet... sigh - serious envy!


Thanks for the recommendations. I doubt if I will ever need to goto KC but if I end up there sometime, I'll check it out. If I can pry myself away from BBQ... 🙂

The funny thing is, my favorite bbq place so far is Heady's BBQ in Republic, Mo. But...they came from KC!

@Freespirit64 Next time you're in town I'd suggest LC's BBQ. Awesome burnt ends.

@EsoralLaRose I'll try them!


I shall ask my Lee's Summit MO Atheist pal for a local review

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