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How do you like it?

I asked this question once before and it went over about as well as a bee hive in a children's petting zoo.

One of the things I find most curious are the preferences people have for pain during sex. I can't stand pain and have the ibuprofen to prove it ? It perplexes me why anyone who choose to have their intimate partner hurt them. I couldn't do it. Even if asked (yes I have been asked), I just can't bring myself to hurt my partner.

So in addition to how you like it, can you explain why you like it that way?

I'll go first. I'm a soft and gentle lover. I like to take my time, relish in the moments, and assimilate this amazing person, who has chosen to let me into her most private places, and I don't just mean the physical aspects. Why? I think it's because I live my life on the knife's edge between life and death. My life is literally an action film missing the background music. So I really enjoy being able to let my guard down and live in the moments of physical pleasures with my person.

ground rules I shouldn't have to say this. But please keep your comments respectful and in consideration of other people's feelings that are different from your own.

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I love to explore< try new things but not pain__for me it"s communicating and sharing


The pain during sex thing, and rape fantasies, I believe, are borne of internalised misogyny and the conditioning we've received via religion which conflates sex with dirtiness.


I’m curious what you mean by “hurt them.”

Are you saying the regular ol’ vanilla spank or firmly holding the head by a fist of hair close to the scalp low at the back of the head is hurting them?

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