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I never get sick, but here I am, bundled up on my couch, wishing someone would make me soup. Everything aches. And this is such a rarity, I don't even know how much whining is appropriate. If a woman could get a man cold, I think this is it.

Nottheonlyone 7 May 6

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It's likely an allergic reaction to high pollen levels this time of year. I did not get sick with a cold or flu all winter long, but pine pollen especially hit a peak this week with mildly hot and dry conditions. I have had terrible sinus problems which have caused a sore throat, body aches and general fatigue. When I was younger I never suffered from allergies, but as I've gotten older I frequently have a miserable time of it around mid-May.

I'm not so sure. I had a mild fever, too.


Sad face.

Thanks, friend.


Hope you are well soon. I sort of pride myself that I have always done everything for myself, yet so often of late I would just love it if there was someone I could take turns with when it comes to making a coffee or something. So can relate to wanting someone to bring you soup.


Hang in there....
Eat chicken soup.... 😉.... REALLY !


Take alternating hot then cold showers to blow out snot from your nose and toxins out your skin every waking hour. ...soup is a big pot you can slow cook fresh veggies tomato sauces garlic leeks vidalias peas cabbage beets cauliflower kohlrabi and for a real healing treat boil an artichoke separately until the leaves easily pull off one at a time scrape the bottom meaty 3rd off between your teeth. ...dip in real butter for a special savoring. ...put all your favorite spices in your soup until your fever is gone


Can't make you soup but I can wish you will get well soon


If you have nobody to make you soup, you just whine to your hearts desire. Maybe it will make you feel better. Get well soon.

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