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A tornado was spotted near a town not far away, but the only damage I had last night was a northern wind blowing stuff off my front porch. The golf ball sized hail did not hit, either. The thunder/lightning was not too close.

I attribute this to my supplication and sacrifices to Thor and Zeus.

Gwen_Wanderer 5 Apr 2

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Last time I flew, I got seated in the middle of a fundamentalist family. They prayed before takeoff, at midday, and before landing. And I wondered. How good is God's aim anyway, do you think he could just take me out ?

I am sure that I posted this before, but people like the family you describe always make me think of it!

I like to bear in mind that take-off, landing and midday airline food are the three most dangerous things in a flight.

There's some soteriological succour and solace from the realisation that they are praying for their survival not mine.

Nowadays I pay the extra premium to choose seats without nearby believers.

@Polemicist Actually they were I think praying for the whole plane. They were quite fun really, since the father and eldest had the widow seats on one side, and the mother and youngest two had the other side , with me in the middle on an aisle seat. I was kept busy passing toys and food items back etc. back and forth. They seemed to have mistaken me for a nice person and kept smiling at me.


I was about to say it must have been scary but you got me. 🤣

Betty Level 8 Apr 2, 2024

The tornado was real! The siren went off, but the twister missed me.

I also tell people that I offer human sacrifices to my very real sinkhole to keep it from collapsing. I named it "Ginnungagap" after the primal abyss in Norse myth.

@Gwen_Wanderer I'm glad you are okay. I like the name you chose for your sinkhole. 🙂

@Betty thanks on both counts!

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