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General News sources. A couple of friends (former) once told me that all news lie and they get their news from friends and family (which I thought total nuts) Seems this is now the go to place for news. []

pedigojr 4 May 15

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I'm such a skeptical person, there is no way I'd believe friends, family and neighbors, but hearing something they say might prompt me to research their claim. Word of mouth just doesn't seem all that reliable to me. I do get my news from television and radio, and I hear a lot about what is going on locally on social media. If there are stories I'm not sure I can believe, I look them up. I guess I don't trust much until I can verify.

The problem has become few trust (or even understand) there are people who dedicate their lives to journalism. Ethics are a major part of journalism. Unfortunately, in today's world many are in it for the money and could care less about ethics. I also have a variety of sources, PBS (NPR), some major networks (a recent video on Dan Rather was very enlightening) and the Sunday edition of the Seattle Times. Friends, family and neighbors too often simply give information which is simply self-fulfilling. It's basically gossip.


That poll is specific to local news.

puff Level 8 May 15, 2024

Local but still a general survey.

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