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Howdy, all! I've just started a group (hold the applause for after, please). It's "The Best of Late Night & News", which will be things I've been posting in other Categories up 'til now & now will put together here. I welcome all to come view, to Post & to Comment & enjoy the madness of the world through the eyes of comedians & the media! We may all actually get through this!

By phxbillcee9
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Need a link, I can't find the group.

"The Best of Late Night & News" Group

if the link doesn't work, just go to groups and click the NEW button. About 3 or 4 groups down.

same here... will try what @BeeHappy said


Cue applause: applause applause applause applause applause...

Where do I sign up?

Lukian Level 8 May 8, 2018
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