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kmdskit3 8 May 8

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I find it odd they lump social security in as a "poverty program". The other programs they mention are needs based programs and one can only qualify if income is low enough. Social Security is a social insurance program we pay into our entire working lives. It is a totally different kind of program-it is not needs based- and was never intended as an "anti-poverty" program. So since they're lumping social security in this, they are skewing the data.

Actually SS was set up as an anti-poverty program for the elderly. Read some of the things FDR said about SS when he set it up. You are right that it is a different kind of anti-poverty program because it is our own money set aside for our future retirement, except for SS Disability Insurance, and the other programs are immediate and needs and income based.

@kmdskit3 Yes correct. I understand its goal to keep seniors out of poverty. My point is that it's not an anti poverty program in the same sense as the other programs. I don't think it should be lumped in with the other programs when examining the data.


That rates a DUH, but of course I realize the Repubs haven't figured that out yet.

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