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This raised bed is a bit deeper than we normally build. So:
"Erased" grass and let sit for a month.
Newspaper placed over dead sod.
Pear tree leaves, rotted and really wet on top of newspaper....about 1/2" deep compressed.
Topsoil from an old strawberry bed. 1 inch deep.
Cow manure. Maybe a quarter inch deep.
More topsoil from that old strawberry bed.
One bag of premium vegetable long release fertilizer topsoil.
After I put the plants in the ground, I'll mulch with a hardwood mulch which will decompose in 2 years into compost....
Whew. I need another beer.

bigpawbullets 8 May 9

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Fine job! Each year I seem to add a new raised bed or expand an old one. It's great growing some of your own food.

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